Hello everyone

I thought I would add this post here in addition to the top thread.

Hello and thanks to Ray and the others for starting this website.

Except for a short period, I have been vegan for about sixteen years. Near the beginning of that time, my wife and I went 100% raw for about six months. We were following Fit for Life/Natural Hygiene, with food combing, etc. We lost too much weight, and I started having problems on the job, so we went back to a vegan diet.

In hindsight, I think we must have been following a diet designed for someone with a serious weight problem.

A few weeks ago, someone gave me some information about Brendan Brazier: http://www.brendanbrazier.com/ a vegan triathelete who eats mostly raw. So, after a two week transition, I am eating almost 100% raw now for the past couple of days. But this time, with all the info available on the web, I am hoping to be more successful.

So far, I have been supplementing the raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds with hemp protein powder, chlorella, and maca powder.

Any comments or suggestions people may have will be much appreciated. I will be sharing some recipes soon.

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