Heat and Rawness info....

This always seems to be a big concern this time of year, and I forgot to post it last year! Here is a starting point with some absolutely freeing information for those of us that love something warm in the winter!!

From the


  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    1Christine~ What do they say about testing one’s food for live enzymes? I’ve been wondering about that instead of depending on hearsay… Thankx in advance.

  • 1Christine1Christine Raw Newbie

    Go to this link and they tell you how…
    Have fun…If you do some tests it would be great to see the results you get posted here!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Thankx 1Christine~ That is interesting information. They do state that the rye cracker dried at 105 degrees went sour. Hm…

    Any thoughts from some experts in this field out there?

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I’ve often seen 118 cited as the highest food temperature. However, in some recipes, Cousins mentions dehydrating at 145 in the first hour or so as the food itself won’t reach above 118 in the beginning dehydrating period. I’d love to hear about any more testing of these ideas.

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