What is a good book for learning to Sprout? (lots of pictures)


  • It’s all here for free – no need to buy a book -


    Also, you don’t really need to buy expensive seeds from a sprout company. The “Goya” brand of lentils, garbanzos, cow peas, and whole green peas for 75 cents to $1.50 a pound at the supermarket work fine.

    You can also sprout a mix of all these seeds in the same container. Half-gallon wide mouth mason jars work well—available from acehardware.com (free shipping to a store—about $10 for 6 jars).

    For the tops, punch holes in the metal tops, or use window screen material under the rings, or buy special tops from Texas Best Unlimited (online – for $1.50 each – the middle size is good if you only get one size, but I use all three sizes depending on the seed & switch to large sizes for more ventilation as they grow).

    Basically, it’s soak overnight, then rinse & drain at morning and night for 2 or 3 days. Prop at a 45 degree angle while growing in the dishrack by the sink for good drainage. When the sprouts are ready to go into the refrigerator, don’t rinse again—they should not go into the fridge wet.

    Also, this goes against raw principles, but the beans taste better cooked & it also removes the toxins that are present in all legumes (search scholar.google.com or pubmed.gov ).

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