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I have seen lots of women post they are the ones in the family that are vegan/raw/veg/eating healthier and moving the couple/family in that direction. I have also seen lots of posts from the “kids” of the family doing the directing…

Are there any men out there that are the person guiding the family/couple in that direction? Any insights?

...just a point of view of the conversation that all of us can learn from.


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    My father is not interested in being vegan never mind raw. He is against even vegetarianism. He is a cattle breeder.He is 61 has High blood pressure and Cholesterol. He also has hypothyriod and is over weight.

  • I’m really into the idea of healthy living. But I’ve found over the years that it’s nearly impossible to influence the eating habits of others.

    If I had a family, I’d want them to be vegan, and mostly or totally raw. But when someone’s been eating a certain way for a really long time, they’re not going to change unless the desire comes from inside.

    I don’t like to eat with meat-eaters, and even in the vegan world, I don’t want to eat foods like fried tofu, or other overly processed foods loaded with oil and sugar. Socially, this diet is very limiting.

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    I am conserned about how much i am going to be judged at college based on how it eat. Most people eat unhealthy and are unhealthy. Doing and being the opposite makes you wierd.

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    All4Raw~ Sounds like you are a bit scared about going to college. Most of us were.

    Depending on how big the college you are going to is, there will be a diverse population, most likely more diverse than what you have at your high school. There will be those who judge, like everywhere else in life. Consider if you don’t judge others, you make it harder to be judged… judging goes both ways. Find a group you relate to. It might happen in the first week or the second… Keep looking. Going to college is a great time to explore and learn. College is a very unique opportunity that you might not experience at any other time in your life. Have fun. Explore. Learn.

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    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I have been homeschooled and I just don’t know what to expect. I am going after a Bachelor af Fine Arts Degree(BFA). I should know if I am accepted late January.

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    All4Raw~ :) Why don’t you start a new thread about college so others can find you? I bet there are others out there on the site just about to go to college like you that you can explore with and those who have already been there that will be happy to share with you… My best to you on being accept to college. Where do you want to go? Actually, start a new thread and answer that question… :)

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