Jicama Fries??

Can somebody who has tried the Jicama Fries tell me if these need to peeled first? Do you need to dehydrate them? Thank you


  • Assuming you mean this Jicama Fries recipe, I did try it when Kandace made them for us. Yum. I believe they were peeled, but definitely not dehydrated.

    Handy tip: On the right side of any recipe, you will see an Equipment Needed section (if any equipment is, in fact, needed). In this case, no dehydrator needed at all. You’ll also see icons indicating what equipment is needed beside the recipes in the listing on the main recipe page. Hope that helps!

  • Thanks Ray. I will be trying these later tonight.

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    I actually just looked up jicama because I had no idea what it looked like and I can’t seem to find any where I live, and the description mentions the peel is not edible, therefore to confirm Ray’s assumption, it does need peeling.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Yes, definitely peel. Hope you enjoy…I really love them!

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