Tree of Life experiences anyone??

Hi all! I am new to raw, but feeling so amazing after only a week or so at mostly raw- after 1.5 years of vegan and SAD before that- that I am so excited about making sure I continue this wonderful way of being!! I’m a little anxious about making sure I keep healthy, get all my nutritional needs and health met, though, as it seems there are quite a few different theories out here regarding what is best for whom.

I just left Gabriel Cousen’s site, Tree of Life, and it really piqued my interest! I’d love to attend his sanctuary, but it is very expensive. Has anyone attended for a week or any of his retreats, or shools? I’d love to hear what your experiences and thoughts- pros and cons- about it were! I’d also love to take my husband who is still a SADder—so I’d pretty much be dragging him there. ;)

Thank you in advance to all!


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I would also be very interested in a tree of life visit!. I was very impressed with ” Conscious Eating ”. It is probably one of the best books I have ever read about metabolism and nutrition. I have pretty much determined I am a fast oxidizer but I am sympathetic dominant as far as my autonomic nervous system goes. I would love to be able to confirm which is my dominant system-oxidative or autonomic- as the diet for each has quite a different protein/carb/fat ratio. I also suffer from food/sugar addiction and have used his info on the addictive brain to help get that under control. The test will come when my work stress goes back up as this is what really sets me off to eating uncontrollably. I’ll be watching this thread because I would love to hear some personal stories also! Sorry this isn’t answering your question but I just had to “second” your post.

  • No problem Deborahann! I’ll have to get that book! :)

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