Allergy Testing

Before going raw I had several health problems including a bowel problem and severe rashes that broke out down my arms and on my neck.Now it only happens once in a while. I am wondering if I am allergic to something. How do you go about getting allergy tests done?


  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Hi All4Raw~

    It all depends if you have food or environmental (contact) allergies (or both).

    If you have food allergies, you can start off just eating something very plain for a bit and then add single foods to your diet slowly. If you start to react in whichever way you tend to react, then you know what you just ate that created the reaction.

    If you have environmental allergies, you can go to an Allergist/Dermatologist and they have different panels (they do a small contact patch on your back with each substance) and look for a reaction. However, when you test this way, you get a picture of where you are at this moment in time. Since I had a lot of increasing in severity contact type allergies I was always very afraid I might be highly allergic to a bee sting. When I asked about getting tested, the doc said it really wasn’t worth doing the test because 1. that day I might not be allergic, but another day I might be (this would give me a false sense of security); 2. the test can actually activate the allergy, yicks! You can also do a similar type of self test to the food test by stripping lots of stuff out of environment. Then slowly add one thing at a time.

    So having said the “standard” explaination… consider that any “allergy” is an indication that there is an immune system issue (over active immune system). Concentrate on getting good nutrition to “feed” your body and your immune system will improve over time.

    To your wellness…

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