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Eating cooked food made me ill!

KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

I cheated yesterday and I had some cooked food. I ate Vegetable Fried Rice and Cold Sesame Noodles. After I ate I felt really sick, like I was getting the flu. I know it wasn’t food poisoning—I think my body was rejecting the cooked food. Has this happened to anyone else? This will make it so much easier for me to stay raw.



  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Me, too, Karmyngirl! Last night. It was teh first cooked/commercial thing I’ve eaten in three weeks and I’m sick! Stunned and sick. It serves me right:*(

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    I just weighed myself and I gained 6 lbs! I have a scale that tells you your body fat and water percentage, and they both stayed the same. I must have 6 lbs of putrified food in my intestines, I don’t know! I do know this—I’ve been cured of the desire for cooked food! I still feel awful (muscle aches, sore throat, upset stomach, etc). I’m going to do a green smoothie/juice feast, so hopefully I will feel better by Christmas!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    I once LIGHTLY steamed a sprouted buckwheat salad thing I made. I literally fell asleep 15 minutes after eating it, it made me so drowsy.
    I do believe we are all different, but my body needs really raw food.

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    I can eat lightly steamed veggies once in a while but thats about it. I’ve been eating raw for almost a year now and maybe five times in the last year I’ve eaten something really cooked and I’ve felt sick as a dog. Like I have the flu and like I want to crawl out of my skin too. Blech. So not worth it.

  • Just got home for Christmas a few days ago. I ate a bowl of grapenuts cereal out of habit and needed to take a long nap afterwards. It feels like I ate a brick. No wonder I needed so much coffee back when I was SAD; cooked food saps your energy.

  • I had one meal of cooked food after many weeks with only raw. The next morning it felt as if I was up all night partying like I was in my 20’s again! Just felt as though I needed to stay in bed and get over the “hang over”.
    Fresh orange juice helped a bunch for me.

    Never again…never!!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I ate some traditional Thanksgiving foods with my family. I felt weak and light headed for three days. That meal included wheat, a food in which I know that I’m sensitive. I also ate sugar, another taboo. If I break it down, I also ate margarine and processed foods. I’m bringing my own food at Christmas!

  • pearjoypearjoy Raw Newbie

    Marichiesa, I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin too…Words can’t describe how horrible I felt after eating a pastry my sister made the other day UGH. My parents thought I was “sick”. They really don’t get it. I tried telling them it was because I wasn’t used to eating that type of food, and they just stared at me like “poor mixed up kid”. (!) I think it worked tho, even my weakness foods seem DISGUSTING to me after that. I looked at a Godiva chocolat last night (sister bought a box of assorted) and they all just looked like shiny plastic.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Maybe I’ve never gotten raw enough to detox completly, but I’m able to eat cooked food about three nights a week for no real problems. I’m a runner (a slow runner) but I run well the morning after a pasta meal so I still eat that about three times a week, vegetarian always, but cooked none the less. I also still occasionally eat a cooked cookie and don’t feel too bad.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Today I was going to try out a new (to me) out of area raw food place. However, I needed to do stuff around my area and couldn’t wait to eat until it reopenned for its evening hours (it is open for lunch, closes, then reopens again for dinner). Soooo, I gave myself permission to go completely opposite and junk out. I ate nothing that I think remotely came from the earth… I feel soooooo sick! Yippee!!!!! I almost didn’t finish the burger and I didn’t finish the fries (they seemed really salty and unappealling). I use to be able to eat that stuff, no problem. I call this progress! After eating that junk, I went grocery shopping and got stuff to start making green smoothies, in addition to the regular stuff I usually get like fruits and veggies for salads. Back to eating healthy without a second thought…

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    Update: I lost 3 lbs of whatever I gained from the cooked food!

  • All4RawAll4Raw Raw Newbie

    I have continued to eat almonds even though they are probably not raw any more. I am drowsey all the time.I feel really awful. I think I am going to have to give them up.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    JoyceH~ I acknowledge, I interpreted a dig in your comment (whether intentional or not). I think you felt that your comment could have been interpreted containing one as you have chosen to defend your comment on the Civility in the forums thread without anyone pointing to your comment. Please don’t erase your comment as it might be helpful to someone and that erasing it is not my intention of my comment. Healthy dialog is my intention for this comment.

    That is great that you haven’t had the cravings or habit of consuming seriously unhealthy food (prolonged long term effects). Consider yourself fortunate. I don’t think there are many that really look forward to being sick. But if it happens, no matter what was the source, it only shows, yet again, how different our bodies are and how adaptable and evolving we all are… a valid place for everyone.

    Some different points of my post that I think you missed, which goes out to support many who have posted about being hard on themselves for eating whatever, is that for everyone, no matter what “food/unfood” one might have consumed (from the egregious burger and fries to, for some, nuts that one didn’t know weren’t raw), the opportunity, for improved wellness, the pursuit of an ideal, or whatever motivates one to incorporate raw foods, of the next meal is far more life supporting than beating oneself up or focusing on the effects of the meal just consumed. Also a view of not feeling optimal (sick, ill, discomfort, feel off) is passing. One can actually embrace those moments (sometimes easier after it has passed!) rather than fear them because no matter what, eating raw or not, they will happen. The good news, there are options to promote feeling better. Lastly, my experience is a celebration of an invited improved “communication” of my body’s inner wisdom of wellness which is my personal motivation for incorporating aspects of a healthier lifestyle and uncorporating other aspects that doesn’t support that lifestyle. It is all a choice, a personal choice, moment by moment, meal by meal.

    My intent is to offer an opening for others no matter where they are on the continuum.

  • this thread helped so much… ive cheated alot. probs cos im just starting out but i feel worse every time i cheat. this morning i puked from eating last nights leftover xmas rice. saffron rice with pine nuts and raisins ( i think my mum added butter) but i resisted last night, and oculdnt this morning. after i ate it…felt so nauseus. im glad eating more raw tunes us into what our body knows it doesnt want. no more buttery leftovers for me.

  • poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

    Joyce, I’ve had that sick feeling from eating too much heavy raw food, before – particularly if I overindulge on certain nuts or if I try to push the dehydrated foods. I find I do better eating mostly fresh, high-moisture raw, with any fats coming in the form of oils or nuts in their simplest form (nut cheese seems to be okay, though). Raw desserts in particular bother me, though I can do dates plain with no repercussions.

    May I point out something I observe a lot on the board???

    A lot of people do feel ill after eating cooked food, but I notice that it is often after they’ve had something containing…. Wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, fish… what I’m getting at is those are all on the list of the Big Six allergens. You don’t have to have what’s called an IgE mediated allergic response (throat closing up) to be INTOLERANT.

    I’m a celiac, with a business specific to the disease, and I come across people who have food intolerances all the time – intolerance is shown by intestinal discomfort, diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, mental fogginess, bloating, weight gain, depression anxiety, and skin disorders. Most of the time the complaints from eating cooked foods are textbook for intolerances.

    The benefits of a raw diet is that most of those foods are eliminated. When reintroduced, I think it’s probably why people get sick.

    I find that I can eat a cooked meal with no problem as long as it’s gluten free. But if I eat anything glutened (even just with cross contamination) I get sick.

    Now, when I was eating high-cooked, I experienced the same thing. It’s an intolerance thing, not a cooked versus raw thing.

    The average celiac is undiagnosed for 11 years… most people just think they’re chronically ill or bloated or whatever… I think it’s undiagnosed food intolerances.

    Raw really is so good for us!

  • We had a christmas party before christmas- so my splurge included a glass of sangeria (no booze for 3 months prior), a little bit of bacon wrapped around a prune, cheese, sourcream dip, whisky date mix (whiskey dates and cream cheese (didn’t eat the bread) and a couple of milk choclates. The amount of mucus my body produced the next day (cough and nose) was horrendous, not to mention the desire to not do anything and some mood swings. It hasn’t been pretty. On christmas eve I made raw dishes to take with me on christmas day.It has taken 5 days to stop the dairy showing itself when I cough. Oh and day 4 after the party, I had an emormous headache.

    By the way if anyone thinks you are a freak by getting ill after eating cooked, then whip out a copy of ERIC CARLES childrens picture book THE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR, and tell them you are like the little caterpillar….Childen get it, I’m sure adults must!

    Poemomm – I agree. When your system has been messed around with gluten (I’m intolerent, have avoided it for 9 years) raw does amazing things.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    poemomm~ I totally agree with you. The only thing I would add to that is an “allergic” or “intolerance” reaction is a symptom of an immune system that is not working as well as it could (overactive in this case). Supportive nutrition (whatever delivery method you choose) and other healing modalities support the immune system and other systems of the body which are all competing for the body’s limited resources.

  • poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

    Absolutely! In this case, the ideal would be to calm down the overactive immune system – avoiding allergenic foods is the first protocol, followed by reducing the methods by which most people ‘boost’ the immune system and perhaps cutting out other things that tend to cause inflammation (like meat and sugar). We’ve got it rather backwards, now, in Western society, trying to boost an over active immune system. The asian theorists, with their emphasis on balance, really had it right.

    Part of the reason RAW works sooooo well for those of us with intolerances, beside the obvious cutting of allergens, is the fact that most people boost their nutrition, take better care of themselves (sleep more, excercise), reduce their over-all sugar intake, and take a positive view of themselves. All of these are proven methods to calm an overactive immune system and reduce inflammation.

    Bluedolfin, you seem extremely intelligent – do you have a background in nutrition, out of curiousity?

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    poemomm~ Don’t let the “seem extremely intelligent” fool you. My brain contains more useless info (like where the word sabotage comes from) then useful stuff. :) My background includes focusing on healing though the combined use of glyconutrients, phytochemicals, and phytogenins for over nine years. In addition, I’ve been involved in learning about different ways the body heals and different healing modalities for many years.

    I can tell you being involved with the conversations on this site have definitely expanded my view on healing.

    What is your background? Have my posts been useful to you?

  • I agree with the points that have been made about what kind of cooked you eat. When I eat cooked, I don’t eat meat, dairy, or gluten. Never any sugar. I do like cooked veges sometimes, and I am not completely raw, but I find that I am only sick after eating cooked when it includes allergen foods. I can eat a baked potato or vege soup with no problem (usually). The other thing I find is that my body needs plenty of “superfoods” and so if I eat vegetable soup instead of my afternoon “supershake”, then I will feel awful the next day. So I guess I find it’s more important that I eat the truly nourishing stuff first, but then I can eat some cooked food later in the day with no problem.


  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Cooked vegetables make me ill, always have. I don’t have to eat wheat, sugar and meat to be ill. ‘tho that does it too.

  • poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

    My background is in food science and nutrition, if you can believe it. :-)

    And yes, they have been. I love interaction and dialogue

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Yes, I can believe it. :) Glad the dialogue has been useful to you.

    I’m also encouraged by you being active in the dialogues on this site (and if you are also active on other sites). If you received your food science and nutrition education through a standard institution, you probably learned much outdated or “conservative” information. Being active in such a variety of ideas shows your openness to going beyond “institutional” boundaries. Kudos to you! If I can be of assistance to you, feel free to contact me.

  • My hubby and I went to a cooking class (Dim Sum) a while back, I bought it for him as a gift for christmas. Yes, I almost barfed in the car on the way home. I did go all the way when I hit the door to my house. Just plain nasty…................ I’m glad that I’m not alone. I’ll have to show him this post so he can understand….......

  • loverlyjoyloverlyjoy Raw Jr. Leader

    Had a craving for cooked, hot food, as it is nearly winter in the UK! Fridge was empty, never a wise situation AND I’d got soaking wet on way home from class (shoes, socks, hat, all layers, haha). Omgosh... So deadly ill after eating (bloated, sleepy... Coma sleepy, and can hardly breathe, made infection flare up in my teeth/gums and elsewhere in body, mucus formed right away, too, feeling terribly, almost immediately from eating a lightly cooked, semi-rawish (the carrot shreds and spinach, chopped green herbs, were not cooked), vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free vegetable and cashew nut dish. Been mostly fruitarian and a bit of breatharian, here and there when I am super chill and have absolutely no work, stress, etc., as it became increasingly obvious that cooked vegan, gluten-free was making me unwell over time. Rather dramatic experience, and happy that I only bought a bit of the veg/nuts and loads of fruit, as I am going right back on my mucus-free, lymph detox supportive food. Hard to believe I was so foolish (Dr Morse would cringe, haha) when I was experiencing vibrant health, amazing skin, tons of energy, elimination of bloat and all digestive issues after a few months of frugivore joy. Feel really daft, yet glad to find this forum and see that I'm not the only one, and going to get a good umbrelly and rain boots and actual raincoat (despite student budget frugality). 

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    I know this is the time of year I'm most prone to falling back on cooked food (and usually regretting it). Now, I have a warm cup of tea in the winter if I'm really craving something really warm. I suppose the tea leaves might be a little cooked from the water but that much I can handle :)

  • loverlyjoyloverlyjoy Raw Jr. Leader
    TammiTrue said:

    I know this is the time of year I'm most prone to falling back on cooked food (and usually regretting it). Now, I have a warm cup of tea in the winter if I'm really craving something really warm. I suppose the tea leaves might be a little cooked from the water but that much I can handle :)

     That is really smart... to have a hot cuppa tea instead of sick-making cooked foods!

  • SassmuffSassmuff Raw Jr. Leader

    Our bodies get use to not having the acid content and when eating raw you go more alkaline so your body can be detoxing other areas not so focused on digestion. So I would say the sickness came on due to the fact it wasn't expecting or prepared for a acid load and that's what you gave it. Gotta really gently ease into cooked foods not go for high dense starches and oil. Oops. Hope u feel better 

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