where do you get good quality spirulina powder at good prices

I noticed a lot of folks use spirulina in their smoothies. thinking of getting some myself. Just curious where you get yours? Is there a reliable resource that is not so expensive? I found bulkfoods.com has it in bulk, has anyone ordered things from them? thanks


  • I’ve been wondering that myself. I know relatively where to find it…it’s just pricey for me. Oh, and like yanyan, I would be very curious if bulkfoods.com sells it.

  • Hi www.chia4uk.com sells the tablet form at the moment but is soon to be selling Organic Spirulina powder too. I will inform you when this happens. The sell other Organic superfoods too.Take a look. They are one of the cheapest in Europe for chia seeds..

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    we sell spirulina and other superfood powders at our store.


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