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Dairy Dilemma

I’ve been trying my hardest to avoid such things as Dairy and Free Range Eggs (which were a staple back in the day), I’m wondering if anyone knows of some good websites OR information on why these aren’t the best choice….


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Valeria,
    Maybe try our website, here’s the link that covers it:


  • Try Vegangal.com. Check out her DVD ! I netflixed it.

  • A fanatstic book full of numerous scientific studies (with sources and footnotes) exposing the horrible affect on our bodies from animal products, including dairy and eggs, is “The China Study” by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

  • Hmmmm, I’ve been recommended “The China Study” more than once. I’ll have to check it out.

    Thanks for the links guys!

  • If you want to see a terrible thing that will scary you about dairy,meat and eggs go to;
    and watch the video. I did cry a lot when I saw it.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    When I learned that milk contains puss, it was easy for me to stay away from it! I’ll pass on the puss, thank-you.

  • ZaZa

    There are many valid ethical resons for avoiding eggs and dairy, but if you are just concerned about your health I would consider this: humans are the only animals to consume the milk of another species. Milk is biologically designed to support the early-childhood/”calf-hood” growth of the young for a specific species. Cow milk is designed, for instance, to grow a calf into a massive cow or bull! It contains much more and different proteins than the milk humans were designed to be grown on—human’s mother’s milk. When we consume it, at any age, no matter how raw or organic it is, it triggers an immune system response!

    If you haven’t yet, try going without ANY DAIRY WHATSOEVER—and I mean not even a molecule of it—for 2 months, then, on an empty stomach (so you know that nothing else could have triggered what you’ll feel afterwards) drink a glass of milk.
    Several years ago I tried this (I’m super-skeptical and I love the taste of dairy had to be absolutely sure), even tried it with goat’s milk, and sheep’s milk, and raw milk, and raw yogurt, raw kefir, raw cheese, you name it. Each time I got a terrible headache, felt utterly awful all-over—aches, bloating, tired, weak—and my skin would break out terribly. Yes, it could be just me. Some people theorize that up to 30% of humans have evolved to be able to tolerate milk from another species. Usually they say it’s Northern Europeans and Scandinavians who can tolerate milk. Sounds dubious to me, though, both as a biology buff and as a Northern European. If you’re a dare-devil, study your body’s reactions in a scientific manner, as I did. If you’re not into pain, read up wherever you can and just avoid dairy.

    Eggs are another issue altogether. Chimps, our closest living relatives, eat bird, reptile and insect eggs occasionally. Never as a staple. Which means chances are high that we as humans are biologically designed to be able to eat eggs too, occasionally. Never as a staple. One thing’s for sure though, we are not biologically designed to eat cooked eggs. When the proteins and fats in eggs are heated, they bind together to form new larger molecules that our bodies are wholly unequipped to deal with, and we harm ourselves by consuming such transformed foods.

    My advice: if you really want to, eat eggs, but eat them raw, and make sure they are fresh, free-range, and from hens who were not fed grains (most grains are GMO in the USA and it’s always best to consume animal products from animals who were eating their own species-appropriate diet). But don’t make eggs a staple. Make whole fruit and tender greens your staples. Don’t do dairy. Period.

    Good luck!

  • pearjoypearjoy Raw Newbie

    Since you asked, I would say avoid all meat, dairy and eggs. I can’t describe how amazing I feel without them ALL THE TIME. Seeing my family members before, during and after a meal laden with dairy, eggs and meat for their Christmas dinner is really disgusting (no other word for it, I don’t mean to offend). They act differently. It’s funny, the holidays aren’t hard because of cravings/temptation, but because of exposure to the mentalities which are very different from my own. I don’t mean to come down so hard, but I have violently/uncontrolably sobbed while watching the meet your meat video; quite frankly it’s just monstrous. You will become what you eat.

  • Lately I haven’t been eating them at all. And personally, both eggs and dairy have been grossing me out. I’ll try without them for a few months.

    Thanks for the info!

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    I seriuosly loved cheese- I think I was addicted to it but gave it up last year.It was hard but I felt it was doing me no good and yes when one thinks about it why is it himans are the only species to sonsume another species milk? All other mammals stop having milk after babyhood. I have read that humans lose the capacity to digest even human milk properly after the age of 2.

    Hey you know what I saw in a magazine a few weeks ago? A woman making cheese out of her own milk and selling it!!! I wonder if this will catch on...

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