Hello everyone!

I am new to raw, just started this past Saturday. I use to be a vegan then developed a major protien deficency. I listend to people instead of my body and mind and decided to eat meat. I was eating meat for a few months, never felt any better, and about 75% of my hair has fallen out. Went raw a few days a go and I already feel so much better! I have to eat mainly mushy foods, things that are super easy to digest and can only eat about 6 ounces at a time. It’s very hard for me to eat leafey veggies. :( I miss them, but they make me terribly sick. So I do a lot of fresh smoothies. My main concern is protien intake. I am empowering myself by reading a lot! On my way to the bookstore after work to get a few more books. If anyone has any tips on protien I would greatly appreciate it! Also I have a Jack LaLanne juicer, and a blender, any tips on juicing leafy veggies? I have tried and nothing I am doing seems to work. Good luck to all!


  • Hi Moniquel,I do veggie/fruit juice every day and I really love it.
    Today I did cucumber,kale,celery,lemon,ginger,apple and pear.
    Or cellery and lemon is delicious!!! Apple,pear and lemon.Or orange,lemon,and pear,cellery and watercress.
    Any sprout,pear and mint for a smoothie. Or grapes,mint and any greens too,and you could add 1 T agave nectar.
    If you do the base a fruit like apple you could do any veggie that will be delicious. Banana and persimons and ginger and dates.Yum !
    For a chocolate one is :frozen bananas,dates and carob and ginger if you want.

  • Thanks Lucy! I am going to try those out asap! They sound delicous!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Moniquel, we’re doing 30-days of green smoothies after we heard Victoria Boutenko talk. I recommend her lecture on green smoothies or her book “Greens for Life”. From the lecture, I will say: Greens have many amino acids; the building blocks of protein. Boutenko said eating greens made her sick… something to do w/ HCl in stomach being low. So, green smoothies helped the HCl and later she was able to eat greens. The green smoothies were made in a high-speed blender (2+ HP) so that they are broken down to a small size where they could be digested. If that still makes you sick, try juicing them. I don’t know how to juice greens in a juicer; I imagine you need a “press” instead… like what they make wheatgrass with. Does wheatgrass make you sick?

    Also, sprouts are good too. I met someone who could only eat sprouts when she had kidney problems… and her protein levels were great, which (I understand) was difficult for her to maintain.

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