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Affordable Appliances

I have seen a few fourms about appliances. There seem to be a lot out there! I need as least expensive as possible! But still things that will do the job. I have this cheap blender that I dislike a lot! I need a food processor, blender, dehydrator. All together it cannot be over 250.00. SO I am limited. Will be feeding myself and my husband. Any ideas? I am thinking a definite on the saladacco! Has anyone used or heard any feedback on the Jack LaLanne Blender? Its within my price range, but I have seen a lot of mixed reviews. Is there a blender/processor that works? Thats what mine is and it doesnt cut it! I was thinking if there is a blender that doubles as a processor that would save $$. I am hunting! If anyone has ideas please send them my way!!!


  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    If you live in the US, try putting a “wanted” post on the freecycle.com for your area list. Everything there is free!

  • I have always used a KitchenAid blender and like it a lot. Watch for sales ($89 at times) or check out ebay.

  • Dear Moniquel:

    I just purchase a Jack LaLanne juicer from Coscto for almost $100. I’ve never owned a juicer before, so when I got it home it was like a puzzle to figure it all out. But 1/2 hour later, my husband and I were each enjoying the most rich, dense, complex, sweet and sour juice. For my test batch I modified a recipe from a cookbook: two green apples, one beet, 8 stalks kale with the sturdy center ripped out, 1 inch ginger, half a bunch of celery, and about 4 cups of baby spinach. No extra water, no salt, sugar/sweetner and it was INTENSE! I am already glad I bought the thing. Good luck!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    The magic bullet is nice (for one or two people) to make smoothies, dressings, and salsa. Also, has a grinder with it. I never used the juicing attachment.

    Also, there’s a sale on appliances here (but the magic bullet is not here): http://www.livingright.com/coupon-discount.php

  • I have heard that ebay is a good place to get a good deal on appliances.

  • I bought my Jack Lalanne juicer on ebay for $55 with the shipping. So if the juicer is good, they blender must be also. It looks alot like a VitaMix so maybe it works kinda like one. I’m not sure. But Ebay is a great place to save some big ones. If you find a reputable seller, and read the item descriptions carefully you can probably find a used appliance that is in almost new condition. I have found that my Hamilton Beach processor and Oster Beehive blender get the job done. I also bought my dehydrator from Walmart.com for $45. It is a Nesco Snackmaster with an adjustable thermostat. It isn’t the best dehydrator but it gets the job done.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Moniquel I had a similiar situation when I started.
    I got the nesco american harvest dehydrator at walmart for 40 dollars and have enjoyed it. I also got the Breville compact juice fountain for 90 dollars and love that. The saladacco is great for the 25 dollar price. I got the 100 cuisant food processor and it’s lovely. Good luck! You can do it!

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