Book Talk - Fast Food Nation

I’m reading this one now. Anyone else read this book?…=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1198719463&sr=1-1


  • Hi ron4540, I saw that the movie by the same name was playing on cable the other day so I watched it. Since I haven’t read the book yet, I don’t know how closely the movie follows along with the book but going by the description I saw on when I used your link it seems like the same, just not as much detail in the movie (but they do get their point across). I have read Diet for a New America which apparently covers the same type of thing and I recommend it to everyone who has ever questioned eating meat or consuming any dairy products or eggs.

  • Loved it. I found it a very interesting and very informative read. I had expected it to cover the fastfood industry mechanics (as titled), but found especially interesting the information regarding food additives (taste, look, and smell enhancements) and that whole industry, and slaughter house mechanics/procedures and how hugely encompassing and relative those areas are in our SAD food culture today.

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