Hey Zoe,

You mentioned a burger recipe in Living Cuisine that you really like. Which one is it? And which quiche do you like? I bought the book because you said these two recipes are really good. :)



  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Pam, Great book don’t you think? The burger recipe we love is called Lower East Side Patties on pag 395 The quiche is the Portabella Mushroon and Spinach quiche on page 378, I alter it though, I leave out the coriander seeds in the base. In the filling I also leave out the nama shoyu (too salty and strong and I can’t get it raw in the UK) and I leave out nutritional yeast – I don’t like it and can’t get i raw here either.And I use 1 cup pine nuts and a handful of soaked almonds instead of cashews. And I just marinade the mushrooms in a teaspoon of salt, olive oil and garlic. I did initially make it exactly to her recipe but it was rather strong and salty, everyone loves it the way I make it now, you can reall taste the basil and the different flavours in the base. The sweetcorn and broccoli quiche on the next page is great too. When I make that one I just use pine nuts and almonds instead of making seed cheese, and I always substitue salt for nama shoyu. The sweet potato crisps on page 450 are utterly Divine, you will become addicted! They really are and they smell amazing while they’re dehydrating too. Yum Yum Zoe

  • PamPam

    Thanks, Zoe! I’m going to try that burger recipe this weekend. Sounds like you made some great changes to the quiche recipe. I agree with you… I don’t like strong and salty. Nama shoyu can be really overpowering! So, I’ll try the quiche, too, when I get ambitious. ;o) I did see the sweet potato crisps recipe. I was wondering about that, so I’m glad you commented. I used to love the old SAD sweet potato chips but haven’t been able to do a raw chip that works. Can’t wait!


  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Hey Pam, I’m Zoe’s husband Chris and I have to say that Zoe’s alterations to “Raw Food” recipes are always an improvement. She is great at making recipes with questionable ingredients into 100% Raw delights that we know are Purely Raw. She also has created her own quiche on an Italian theme with large pieces of just barely dried tomato slices that are more than a 1/4 inch thick. It is fantastic. Maybe she will post it for you.


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