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hi everyone! i was wondering if anyone has tips on how to cut some costs of eating raw? i am hoping to save by having a garden this yr. i just planted lettuce.i am also planning this summer to have a lot of tomatoes drying from my garden.does anyone do anything that helps save money or some cheaper tips or idea’s.thanks rae-dean


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    Def buy fruits and veg in season. Buy a lot of cukes, watermelon and other melons, apples, plums, peaches, berries, corn, heirloom tomatoes, mangoes, papayas and my personal favorite fresh figs (drool..ok sorry). These are awesome summer fruits. Also try to get in touch with your local farmers and get to know them better. Also starting a garden like you already is a terrific idea. I hope that helps you out a bit. I will keep your question mind and if I come up with anything I will be sure to post it :)

    God Bless!

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    thank u so much-rae-dean

  • I grow my own sprouts..they are relatively cheap and it’s very worth it. i’ve heard there are many things you can easily grow indoors… does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? i have a small apartment but it has good windows..

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    Hi there,

    Shop at produce stands and produce stores instead of grocery stores. Produce stores in my city tend to be 50% cheaper than grocery stores. Asian and other ethnic markets also usually have better deals on produce. At whatever store you shop at make friends with the produce managers, tell them you are a raw foodist, they always get a kick out of that. Ask them if you can buy produce by the case at a discount and ask them to keep their “non-sellable” (usually perfectly ripe or bruised) produce for you to buy at a discount. I get many freebies and alot of great deals (bananas at .10 cents per lb) this way! :-)



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    Also buy in bulk if offered. Sometimes you can get a bag of oranges or something of the sort and that can be cheaper. Leafy greens are cheaper. Fruits and vegetables that are common in your country is cheaper. For example pineapple is expensive here in the states even in season. But in Jamaica it is abundant, so it’s cheap. I always got coconut free in Jamaica because the trees are everywhere you just ask someone to get it for you. I remember just sitting outside eating coconuts and talking about nothign. We even have sugar cane (so gooood!!), which I never seen here in the states.

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    yum.joesc! i use to eat raw sugar cane stalks in the south.they would be outside and standing up against the quick shop and we could buy good.i had not thought about that for yrs and yrs.

  • Check out Carmella has a GREAT article on cutting cost on raw, hope this helps!

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