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Do you take any supplements?

If yes, what?

What supplements are necessary to a raw foodist?

What brands/types or labels do I need to look for?



  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi I don’t use any supplements apart from a tiny nibble off a B12 tablet every few days. Which I am taking as a ‘just in case’ precaution, not because I have any deficiency problems. I tend to think from my own experience that being 100% raw and eating lots of greens gives me everything I need. I feel great and healthier than ever before. To be honest I haven’t tried many supplements. I did try maca but it didn’t do anything at all to me after the second or third time I had it. It only seemed to effect me those first couple of times. Supplements are really expensive, and I like to spend my money to buy lots and lots of gorgeous real food, organic wherever possible. I suppose though that when you are transitioning and partially raw, that supplements would really help. I know people who find that green superfood helps to offset energy lows caused by eating cooked foods.

  • not a perfectly raw product but take a look at… http://www.myvega.com/about/vegastory.asp one of the best products i have ever used

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I don’t take supplements after reading a news article that more than half of the 35 vitamins they tested didn’t have the amount of the ingredients they stated on the bottle. It also had too many metals in many supplements for women. I heard the best product to get is whole food supplements which can be found at the whole food stores.

  • The one thing most useful to vegans is indeed B12 (arguably), but probably it is best in liquid form. Multivitamins are probably not a good idea, I generally rely on a nutritionist (and testing) to know what I need to take, and it’s always one or two things specifically targeted to my conditions.

    I don’t know about brands, but definitely capsules are better than tablets, or so I’ve heard.

  • If don’t take any supplements because I think a natural diet provides me with everything I need in forms easily assimilated by my body.


  • What about nutritional yeast? Is this considered a raw food? I know it’s full of B vitamins.

    Mainly, I’ve noticed since going very nearly fully raw that my nails are becoming brittle and breaking easily, and I’m worried it may be a deficiency of some sort.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    NO nutritional yeast is not raw. It is heated to kill the yeast that way it won’t grow and spread in your intestines. I found out the information in Bridgette Mars Rawsome cook books and other websites. Ones website I found in the forum is called purely raw. You can go there and check it out.

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