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Well I will start off with saying that I feel like somewhat of an imposter being here as I am not raw yet. About One and a half years ago I tried and made it 7 days. Ya I know. Pathetic attempt. I bacame prgnant with my third child and cravings for McDonalds and pasta and brownies kicked in and won. Plus when I am pregnant I hardly have the energy to get out of bed never mind learn a whole new way to prepare food. However I have spent the last year stocking up on various products that are raw. I make raw smoothies almost every day and try to get my 4 and 2 year olds to drink them. No luck though:( They are stubborn like their father, who by the way, hates the idea of raw food. I’m on an uphill battle for sure! However I do have a plan of action beginning in the New Year. I just purchased an Infrared sauna and when it arrives I will start a 5 day juice fast along with a colon cleanse hopefully followed by a candida cleanse and then with any luck and alot of will power, a 100% raw lifestyle! I just wish my family was as into it as me. It also is going t be hard because I am almost positive I am the only person in my town that will be raw. I live in Northern BC Canada and we are so far out of the way of anything it is almost too expensive to eat raw organic foods. Anyways I have 3 cranky kids that need me right now so hopefully someone here has some inspirational wisdom to share with me:) Gotta run now. Hello and Bye everyone!


  • I am a firm believer in faking it until you make it. I too started the raw food diet about four years ago when doctors told me I could not get pregnant.A good friend introduced me to the lifestyle and after only three months, I lost 35 lbs and got pregnant twice!!; and stopped the raw food diet!! Since then it has been torture for me to eat S.A.D when I now know the truth.I have not completely gone back to my old habits, but I know I can do better. I listened to a utube clip about a month ago about this fruitrian who basically says keep trying!!!! if you fall off the wagon, get back on and ride. The beginning of 2007, I said I was going to begin exercising but I didn’t actually start until March. I kept the idea of being fit before my eyes and I did it!!. I have lost 65 lbs so far and am very close to my goal!! I am maybe 75% raw, but this past holiday really challenged me. I will not let that detour me either. I know this is what I want to do and I won’t quit. It is odd, my boys love the green smoothies, but my girls don’t so much. It may be selfish, but I am focusing on me first and then when my family chooses to join in they can when they are ready. They do eat the things I buy for me more than the things I buy for the house so I know once I get a system established, it won’t be long before my family follows. Glad I found this site and I look forward to chatting with everyone.

  • Hi Jaclyn & JEMS4,

    I’m new to the site too … glad to meet ya both.

    Jaclyn, I read your profile & I am glad to hear you are thinking of organic farming. All of my love & support to you. That would be a great way to get the best fresh fuits & veggies. I’m very happy for you, you can do so much with that amount of land. I’m going to try growing some stuff myself next year too. Wish me luck … we’ll see … lol … I’m still such a beginner at gardening.

    I think once your family starts seeing the wonderful changes that you will experience (more energy etc.) that they may be more willing to try some of your creations. Especially the little ones, if you make smoothies & such with their favorite fruits. Here’s a good one I made this morning that I think any non-raw fooder might like. http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/2275-Banana-Cran…

    Experimenting is really fun, maybe even get them involved in the process.

    Cheers, bye for now.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Welcome jgagnon and all. You are definitely welcome here at Gone Raw and certainly not an impostor – we’re all here learning about raw foods. Some of us are 100% while others of us are here learning how to add more raw foods into their diet.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    It’s great to read your story!
    I liked to remind myself that it can take years to transition to 100% when I was transitioning. Took me a year and a half, and I had been cooked vegan for 12 years before that.

    I read on the Raw Family’s website they did an experiment and gave random people one green smoothie a day for 2 weeks, these were non raw normal SAD types. And every person said they felt better, and felt more drawn to eating fresh fruit and vegetables after the 2 week ended. So maybe your one green smoothie idea will catch on provided you manage to force it down their throats first!!

    I’m full of admiration for you, there’s only me and my husband and he is raw too, must be a real task to be the only one in the family, you must be a true pioneer.
    Let us know how you do with it all.

  • It took 3 years for me to be completly raw and I was a vegetarian and vegan for 9 years before.It takes time.Welcome!!!

  • Thanks for the Welcome! I am not even 100% Vegitarian yet as I sometimes just end up eating chicken or whatever I made for my hubby. Although I almost gag everytime I do. The word “flesh” runs through my mind every time I eat meat. It grosses me out to no end! Good thing though. Keeps me focused:) Glad to hear that it can take others a while to transition. I am kind of an all or nothing type so it can be very frustrating for me because I want to have everything happen right away . Unfortunately when a person has 3 kids most everything gets put on hold until they are taken care of. Eventually I can become selfish again and have more time to dedicate to my persuit of health. Until then I can only try to become better. Anyways, enough random babble.Hahaha. Thanks again. Jaclyn.

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