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To anyone who completed 10 day Master Cleanse

I am wondering if you ever come to a point where you don’t excrete anything? Also, is it normal to be on day four and still not feel any detox symptoms? Maybe I am not as toxic as I thought? I have never smoked. I have probably drank in a lifetime what some people drink in a weekend. I am just wondering if all of this is normal. I know we are all different, but I was wondering if anyone out there was like me when they did the Master Cleanse? Thanks.


  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    I can’t think of any detox symptoms that I had unless being cold is a detox symptom. Then again, I’ve been a raw foodist for quite some time, so I may not be that toxic. I’ve had slip ups though. There were days when I didn’t release anything even after the salt water flush.

  • Thanks RawVoice. I have been cold the entire time. I decided to break fast today. I went 4 days. But I am ready to eat!!! And looking at all of these recipes on goneraw really make me want to EAT!!!!!

  • HI
    I did the master cleanse some years ago. I did it for about 14 days. That is how long it took for the film on my tongue to go away. If I remember correctly it took while to see the symptoms (mainly coating on the tongue) and then a a while for them to disappear. A friend did it with me and it she was on it for nearly 3 weeks.

    Four days is normally not enough, unless as RawVoice mentioned, you have been raw for some time. I have just begun my journey with raw foods so I can’t say how that would affect it.

  • hi wanna b,

    i did the master cleanse a few months ago and likewise i don’t smoke and rarely drink exercise regularly and have a yoga practice so i would consider myself pretty healthy and it just gave me tons of energy! i did feel cold at times, that seemed natural though. and at times food was so tempting but the longer you do it the easier it seems to be without those solids. so if you do it again, just forget about food, it’s all in the head and habit. goodluck!

  • I just got off the master cleanse on monday. I did it for 10 days. I didn’t really feel any symptoms until day 5 or 6, and i didn’t really start excreting anything nasty until then too. It wasn’t until the last day that the real ick stuff came out. It felt great to fast and have been 100% raw since…i hope to make it last a while, finances depending

  • how does the ten day cleanse work..is this something that needs to be done before you start a raw food diet?

  • I’m interested in the MC cleanse, but can you ‘function’ on it? I’ve got a high-stress career, and I need to be on my toes at all times to be successful at it.

    Can you cleanse and work at the same time, or should I put it off until I can take a week or so off? Do you get light-headed, irritable, cranky?

  • What is the master cleanse… what do you consume? Thanks upfront for the gorry details! :)

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Check out page 7 of being raw forum and look at the”ALL ABOARD….” thread. Tons of info on the MC there.

  • I know several people who have successfully completed the 10-day and rave about the benefits.

    I did it for one day. The salt water made me nauseous. And I don’t think I have the constitution to ever drink that lemonade again.

  • Thank you deborahann! Will do…

  • Tinkerbelly: It sounds like the high-stress career is the thing that needs to go! Stress is as devastating to your health as the food you eat although it’s not necessarily a material object. But if the master cleanse is something you really want to do then go for it! Everybody responds differently depending on…well, everything! Like the food you eat, your mental state, your exercise practice…etc. Good luck if you do it!

  • Okay- So I checked it out. Skimmed through the book on Master Cleanses and listened to a radio interview with the guru of MC’s… I am wondering if anybody did NOT have a great experience after it? I think I read somewhere that someone began binging on cooked food afterwards. Im pretty new to the 100% raw lifestyle and I would love to try it if it meant it would clean me out and make me even more jazzed about sticking to raw foods.. but I would hate it if it made me hungry for anything! (And I am afraid I could be that person…) Any ideas?

    Has anyone else been considering starting a 10 day Master Cleanse anytime soon?

  • I am interested in learning more about the master cleanse and then will see..I haven’t actually begin eating raw yet.just reading a bunch of info about it. I have some health issues I am needing to take care of first. after I see three doctors then I will know if its ok for me to start a raw food diet. I just wasn’t sure if the 10 day master cleanse is recommended before you start eating raw??

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    dnacol~ I find it puzzling when people say they have to get “better” before they can start giving their body more nutrition. One hears that all the time when someone is looking into nutrition. Is there a concern you have about eating raw food?

    There might be a concern about doing the MC per se. I, for one, am a bit cautious about this cleanse

  • The doctors think I may be having seizures because of a scar they found on my brain. I am just afraid of starting this diet not knowing if it could trigger seizures?

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    dnacol~ I can understand the concern when there is something that is scary like seizures and the brain. You might find some useful info on the Diabetic Neuropathy thread. Look at the information in a general way, an example of the body healing even though it is not “exactly” what you are experiencing. The same principles of healing apply to all health issues.

    There might be “foods substances” (like caffeine, sugar, etc.) that might contribute to a condition that promotes seizures. Most do not though. Your job is to learn about which food substances (no chocolate for you!) those are and avoid them. However, there is a cornacopia of nutritious foods that support healthy brain function and healing. Everything is possible if the correct conditions are met.

    Feel free to contact me if you want a more indept conversation about this.

  • Hi everyone first post… I just finished a 10 day masters cleanse and felt great the whole time, except for one day that I had low energy, about the 6th day. I had good eliminations everymorning and had very few cravings for food. I took 600 mgs of Chromium Picolinate a day which helps reduce sugar and simple carb cravings(which for me are the worst kind of craving). However, I have gone on extensive cleanses before which more specifically target the digestive tract(aka bowel). I believe this should be cleaned first to allow for efficient elimination of all the toxins that will be dumped into it from the rest of the body during the masters cleanse. Anyway good luck on future cleanses and on going raw!!

  • I’ve tried going raw a few times but I never seem to be able to stick to it because of excessive food cravings that I always give in to.
    Marysia – After some research I’m starting the master cleanse tomorrow. I’m nervous because I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m also excited! Let me know if you decide to start it, and I’d also love to hear from anyone else that’s currently doing it. The “ALL ABOARD” thread is very helpful!

  • emilyh Wow! way to go! I want to do it too, but I am not ready to start tommorow. I have to order celtic sea salt on the internet, I cant seem to find it anywhere! If you are not set on tommorow, let me know and maybe we can start an All Aboard page.. if you are set on it, way to go sistah, good luck and I’ll be looking forward to joining you soon!!

  • I finished a 30 day Master Cleanse and did not get to that point and my tongue did not clear – I am toxic as hell. I guess.

    My detox symptoms were not that bad, so don’t worry. I cleared up half of my psoriasis in these 30 days. I had it for 15 years. So cleaning part works even without symptoms.

    When I stopped I went raw for one month. Started OK, but then slipper into eating too many sweat things like dried figs (package a day) and so on. Got so mad that started another 30 day cleans 8 days ago. Oddly enough it is easier for me not to eat than to eat well. I hope this will change one day… Will start raw once I am done, in 22 days.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Marysia- Try rawguru.com or naturalzing.com. I believe that goldminenaturalfoods.com also has it.
    emilyh- I also suffer from severe food cravings. My first attempt at raw was 9/07 and lasted 2 wks and I was like a mad woman with the cravings. I ate more junk food and sugar after that than I had in years. I actually have a pretty bad sugar addiction and have brought that under control with amino acid supplements, bee pollen and prayer! I went raw again 1/1 and am doing much better this time. I still find myself eating more nuts than I’d like and I have to be careful with raw sweets but right now I am working on the addiction and portion control etc. The 15 Lb I gained at the end of last year will come off in time. My diet is still not as varied as I’d like as I crave the nuts right now, but the cravings aren’t as bad as last time. I think these severe cravings may be a form of detox. I just don’t know,but it was horrible when it was happening. I have done a couple of 5 day juice fasts with colon cleansing products and the 5 day liver flush thru John Barron’s website. They are getting easier. The 1st 2 times I went wild on food as soon as I broke the fast. On this 3rd one, I had control. I’ll probably do a 40 day lenten juice fast as I felt good on the liver cleanse a couple of weeks ago. I will say that on the first cleans I did, I felt fine the 1st 2 days thought I was going to die on the 3rd and was euphoric on the 4th! On the 5th day I was just hungry! I felt incredibly healthy after the 5th day. Awake, alive, all body pain gone and I felt like I was walking on air. I have spent the last few months trying to get there again and hopefully stay there and not blow it by gorging on too much food. Good luck to all on your quest for health

  • marysia – if you look under the forum “Being Raw” there’s a new thread of people starting on the 25th! I started today since I already had all of my supplies. Good luck starting your cleanse!
    deborahann – thanks for the advice, it’s nice to know i’m not the only one with such bad cravings! I also have eaten more junk food and sugar after trying to go raw these last few times. Which amino acid supplements do you take? Good luck with staying on track and with your lenten fast :)

  • deborahnn thank you! I will order my salt!

    emilyh I saw that! Sweet! Im gonna try to get my stuff together in time and join!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Emilyh: I got the info reading The Addictive Brain chapter of Conscious Eating by Dr Cousens. Very interesting stuff BTW! Addiction is basically our body’s effort to do something that in the end, increases endorphins for that feeling of well-being. I think a lot of my problem is chronic stress which wears the system down resulting in decreased endorphins and a general reset of the endorphins to a lower level. This results in chronic anxiety and also feelings of urgency, discomfort, irritability aggression, anger, hyperactivity and sometimes low self-esteem. This is an extremely complex feedback system involving opioids,GABA, seratonin, epinephrine, norepi, dopamine and some other components. If the opioid (endorphins) are too low for comfort the compulsive behaviors arise to increase them by creating a hyperstimulation of the dopamine receptors to get that feeling of contentment. The behaviors are sex, drugs, overeating, hard exercise and gambling. Alcohol does the same thing thru a differnt path. I wish I could go into more detail but it is kind of complicated for a full explanation here! Anyway, to inc seratonin I take 5-HTP although you could do tryptophan, DL phenylalanine to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down the endorphin enkephalin and inc the # of dopamine receptors, tyrosine to support dopamine and norepi production, GABA and glutamine to support GABA production.
    Within the first month the binges were still there but I could actually stop before finishing the entire volume of what I was eating. I was feeling some control although when the stress got bad I still just wanted to EAT SOME SUGAR! It has now been about 3 mo and the cravings are almost nonexistent but I don’t think I will ever be able to eat sweets with a whole lot of control but I now can say no without feeling like a heroin addict in the DT’s!
    I have also been eating 1.5 TBSP bee pollen daily which is supposed to help with addiction. It has fairly high levels of AA’s! I also started praying daily for help and I believe it does!
    Sorry to ramble and I hope this helps.

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