Wheatgrass in LA !!!

I am a lifestyle consultant looking for a place to grow wheatgrass, and someone wishing to start drinking wheatgrass daily in their home. I am spending $7.50/day on wheatgrass juice and I live in an apartment so I can’t grow it. I need a backyard! If you have a backyard on the westside and would like free wheatgrass in your home I am your wheatgrass specialist! I have 17 years experience using, growing and drinking wheatgrass and living green raw vegan. You provide the backyard, I’ll provide the labor, trays, soil, bins, wheatgrass juicer and smiles! I work in Brentwood, Westwood, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes, and Torrence.


  • I wish you lived in the Richmond, VA area – I’d go for it! ;-)

    Btw, what juicer do you recommend? I was considering the Samson 6 in 1. Your thoughts?

  • What does wheat grass do for you? What vitamins and how do you drink it? By itself in a juicer?

  • Hi jedisunrise – Boy do I wish you were here in Portland! I recently purchased a wheatgrass growing kit but haven’t even gotten to the seed sprouting part. Also…I saw this same message posted in a few of the forums. I’m not sure if it was in error, so I just deleted the other postings and kept this one in the Talk it Up section.

  • Thanks kandace, my bad.
    Newbie: I recommend any twin gear but especially the Green Star for one all around, green-raw juicer. I have not used the Samson line but I think they are capitlizing on the Green Power technology. The Green Power was first and got all the right patents from the start. The others are essentially green star juicers without the patented veramic and magnetic gears. Really any 150 rpm, or slower, twin gear juicer will make your high quality juice. I just think Green Star is the highest quality juice.

    Auntsissy: Wheatgrass juice contains all the nutrients needed by the human body and is widely recognized to be the most powerful healing food we know. That means it has all the vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc that are essential. There is no better way to get the 4 nutrients that are hardest to get: hormones, oxygen, phyto-nutrients, and enzymes. I drink 2 oz. 3 times a day. It is a perfect and complete protein. For all the diseases that can be cured by food, there is no better food than fresh wheatgrass juice. The medical industry gave up trying to put its healing properties into medicine form. Once dried or in any way preserved, the essential quality that restores our cells to health is lost. If its not in a pill form, the medical industry can’t sell it.
    Drink it on an empty stomach, wait 20 minutes, drink a glass of pure water, wait 20 minutes, then eat.
    Always drink wheatgrass by itself, pure, and within 5 minutes of juicing
    you sure know how to get me talking!
    love Nate

  • is whear grass good for animals, and should it be juiced for them or fed to them in grass form?

  • wow! That is a great question! I dont have a complete answer but I’ll share what I know. Anne Wigmore raised a few generations of cats on cooked food and another group on wheatgrass. She must have used juice. I know cats chew small amounts of wheatgrass, it is sold in pet stores as “kitty grass”. I imagine, like humans the cats ate something in addition to wheatgrass. Any animal capable of digesting unjuiced grass has a special digestive organ for this purpose called a crop. I don’t know of any pets that have one so she must have fed them juice. This just seems unnecessarily time consuming, but should be just as effective as it is for humans. The vibrant health of successive generations of the cats was among the first data proving the effectiveness of wheatgrass juice. Grazing animals like cows and horses have crops and naturally live on grass.

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