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Spiral Vegetable Slicers

Does anyone have the Metro Garnisher? It is suppose to be like the Saladacco but cheaper. I am trying to decide: Spirooli, Saladacco, Metro Garnisher, this or that expensive Brenriner… Feedback please! And did you have to buy it online or were you able to find it in the store?


  • I bought the Benriner – pricey model – and I love it. It works perfectly, and it’s incredibly easy to use and clean. I read reviews of the cheaper ones, and apparently they don’t work reliably. I decided you get what you pay for and sprung for the best. It’s cheaper than throwing out junk that doesn’t work and replacing it.

  • I can’t even find a cheap one! I think I’ll have to resort to buying one online. sigh. I’m all about the instant gratification, and HATE waiting for things to arrive! lol.

    - janna 

  • the Benriner I have makes angel hair pasta. I bought it on ebay for half the price I’ve found in stores and it was new. It was really worth it.

  • I bought a Saladacco and hated it. It was so cheezy, I threw it away. I am interested in the Benriner info and others here have mentioned. Besides ebay, who sells it?

  • Here’s one on Sarma’s One Lucky Duck website that looks similar to the Benriner, but less than half the price:


    I’m also very curious. I’ve read so many reviews about the Saladacco (half love it, half hate it) that I don’t know what to think!

    I’m just not sure I need a $100 spiral slicer. I can’t imagine I would use it that much to justify spending so much. I could justify spending maybe $30ish.

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    Thank you so much! I’m getting the benriner! I bought the spiralizer and sold it. This looks a lot easier to use! I’m willing to pay more for a quality machine. :)

  • Here’s the link to the seller’s store where I bought my Benriner on ebay:
    I bought the fruit and veg turning slicer. I’ve got the real deal!

  • That website really has the Benriner at a good price. I saw them for $100, but $45 is much more in my price range! Thanks for the link to their “boutique.”

  • I am with the rest of the crew. I bought my Benriner for around $60. I was surprised at the price but was advised that it was the best bet because the amazing Japanese steel always stays sharp. I say to go for it!

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