best cheap dehydrator and maca powder source?

msrawdivamsrawdiva Raw Newbie

please steer me in the right direction on the purchase of a solid dehydrator that’s fairly inexpensive (just starting out) and a reputable source for maca powder – so many sites come up on a search and i’m AFRAID!!!!! they are mostly about sex, you know…


  • The Excalibur is pretty much the standard for dehydrators, you can find one used and they are expandable to fit your needs. They are $250 new. Cheap dehydrators are $60 and circular. They are a pain to use and only good for playing with a few times, not actually an addition to your kitchen/diet/countertop. The excalibur is the most fun for the dollar in raw food when you compare it to wheatgrass juicers, Vitamix, and green life juicers. Its the cheapest appliance in the kitchen.
    Here is a Maca distributor and friend from back in the day, Sunrise Botanicals,866-846-2420 let me know how it works out.

  • teadeteade Raw Newbie

    Actually, I’d agree about the excalibur. It is aweseome..
    but if its just you (and no big family) and maybe not planning on centering your life around it, then a four tray is good.
    I got mine from store when is was on sale for like $110 and it comes with the Teflex sheets!
    $110 isn’t that bad..

  • I would also recommend the Excalibur brand. I started with a less expensive circular dehydrator, but it really didn’t do the job. Things would never turn out quite right, and I ended up ditching it for the Excalibur. I also got mine (a nine tray model, you may not want one this big) from As for Maca, I ordered mine from Amazon, the Navitas naturals brand. Best of luck!

  • msrawdivamsrawdiva Raw Newbie

    thank you ALL very much! excalibur it is, then. i would hate for my first time dehydrating to be disenchanting. off to order the maca as well! you all ROCK!

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