starting to go raw..any suggestions or helps?

Hello All! I am just starting on my path to raw. I may be insulin resistant and feel that this life change wont be bad. I am 5’6” and about 170—I hate my body size and need to get the extra pounds off! How much do you all exercise—that is my greatest challenge as I paint, teach art and run after our three children and pets! Any pitfalls to be aware of? Any helps for a better transition? I have a wicked wicked sweet tooththat is going to be my greates challenge! ANY SUGGESTIONS APPRECITED :o)!!!!


  • My first response is to go slow. Don’t expect too much from yourself. I have two children, a career, lots of extra activities, home, dog, the list goes on and on….
    I first began in about October and signed up here in November. My suggestion is to use your blender – don’t go out and purchase everything at once. See where you can go with what you have in your kitchen. I started with juice and smoothies.
    Most Raw Foodist’s tell you not to go 100% raw immediately. It can be very intense. Most recommend going 80% and then work your way up.
    And everyone makes mistakes – don’t be hard on yourself and read READ READ!! Not just here, go on sights – read books – etc and make your own mind up on what is right and wrong. Be smart about your body and your level of raw-ness. Good Luck!

  • Wow. Its amazing how alike our stories are. I am about to start my raw journey and am same height same weight, 3 kids and a dog and a cat. I dont work…but hope to go back soon as my baby is only 7 months old. Too soon yet. I have been doing raw smoothies for over a year now but I am ready to go further than that now. The smoothies are definitely a good transition as they are something that most people have had and probably enjoyed. There are so many different fruits and /or veggies to add so its hard to get bored of them. Definitely start with easier meals that require less prep or you can easily become overwhelmed as I have in the past. Especially when you are already chasing the kids:) I bought a cheap dehydrator with a temperature setting for 40 bucks or so and made all sorts of snacks like sweet potatoe chips and fruit leathers and bars made of raw soaked seeds and nuts and fruit so if I left the house and got hungry I wouldnt go to the nearest McDonalds or coffee shop for a snack. Other than that just remember why you are doing it. Health, happiness, and whatever else your reasons may be. Good luck and HAVE FUN! Jaclyn.

  • I am also new to raw, although I’ve always eaten a lot of fruit and salads. I echo the advice to go slow. Pick out some easy recipes and then build upon each success. There are lots of wonderful recipes on this website; so far all the ones I have tried have turned out delicious! I also agree with the advice to read all sorts of books and websites, and there are plenty. Although some of the information may conflict, you will learn a lot and can decide for yourself.

    You asked about working out. I do about a 45-60 minute workout most mornings and also go hiking as much as I can. My workouts are mainly high intensity weight training. I’ve noticed that I have lost bodyfat with ease and I certainly have not gone hungry for one second. I have never experienced this with past dieting efforts. Of course, I should mention that I do not feel that I am on a “diet” right now – I am eating as much as I want, when I want!

    You also mentioned if there are any pitfalls. The only thing I can think of is a lot of people say they need less sleep when they go raw. I have not experienced this. I sleep as many hours as I always have, but my sleep is amazingly deep and restorative. No more do I wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble returning to sleep. But I do sleep just as many hours as before going raw (maybe my body needs the rest in order to detox).

    You mentioned your wicked sweet tooth. I used to have an ice cream habit that needed almost daily stroking. I now couldn’t care less about junk food, fast food, or even ice cream. I really did not think this would happen, although people often mention the elimination of cravings for cooked food once they go raw. This has been the most amazing thing to be happening to me. It’s like my body is loving the food I am feeding it and is finally nourished in the true sense.

    Oh, here are some more pitfalls I just thought of:

    1. Don’t stress out about having to learn everything or become the “perfect” raw eater all at once; every little decision you make in the right direction counts

    2. Try not to eat hordes of nuts and oils – keep it simple, meaning emphasize fruits and veggies

    3. Try to leave 3 hours between eating and going to bed – you will feel so much better if you do

    Good luck and welcome!

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