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Help me Help my Children go Raw!!

I’d like to transition my children 7 and 3 to being Raw. The first hurdle, giving up cereal and milk, which they LOVE, and would eat it several times per day if I let them. Any ideas out there? How do I start their day with something comparable?


  • Raw granola (do a search on the recipe section here) & nut milk?

    You might also find looking back over past posts on this “Raising Raw Kids” forum helpful:


    Good luck x

  • Maybe don’t start by trying to eliminate their favorite stuff. Instead, start offering more raw food in addition to what they’re eating then eventually work on increasing the ratio of raw to cooked. Most kids like fruit, so make sure there’s always plenty in a big bowl within view and reach and let them have it whenever they want. If your kids are dippers put a selection of kid friendly cut veg around a bowl of dip and serve it with their normal lunch or dinner. Don’t even talk about it being raw. Another great trick is fruit (and later – green) smoothies. All the kids seem to go nuts over them.

    Good luck!

  • I agree with rawfaerie. Start by substituting their milk with nut milk. They probably won’t even notice the difference since the cereal will still be the same! If they like salad, offer it as their side item in lieu of something else. Make them raw cookies! I have a recipe I adapted from Juliano’s book that are similar to oatmeal raisin cookies- if you have a dehydrator-. Make them raw fudge!
    My kids love the fudge and I added goji berries to it! Give them smoothies for dessert instead of processed junk.
    Hope this was helpful!

  • Thanks for all of the great advice and links! I’m soaking nuts for milk right now!

  • Wanna_B_Raw – could you give me that cookie recipe?

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    I have a post on my blog about this that might be of help (www.KristensRaw.blogpost.com). Cheers and Happy New Year!

    Kristen Suzanne


    THESE are also good! I have them in the dehydrator right now! They taste like apple pie without the crust!

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I like to take my daughter to the store and let her pick out an unusual fruit to try. Also let her come up with her own creative fruit salad using whatever she wants…she combines onions and fruits, with seeds, etc., and I have to laugh because it ALWAYS tastes good! Our newest favorite is almond butter mixed with agave (a small amount to make it an easy dipping food, about 2 T. almond butter to 1/2 T. agave) with sliced apples to dip into it…she loves it, says it tastes like caramel ;) Have you tried the jicama fries yet? She makes them without the cayenne and loves them.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Oh! ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST might help the cereal hurdle? This cool idea is taking frozen fruit and making whippies with them, or frozen yogurt/ice cream. Do you have a juicer? You use the blanking plate and run frozen bananas and other fruits with it thru your juicer. It is like having ice cream for breakfast! If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a food dehydrator and blend the heck out of the frozen fruit, or blend unfrozen fruit, freeze, reblend and eat…you can always sprinkle oats or other items like nuts or seeds on top.

    Have you tried “Vice Cream” which is a way of making ice cream without dairy? It’s a book and it has some raw ice cream recipes and non-raw also, but you can always figure out how to make things raw with some tweeking :) My daughter LOVES raw ice cream, especially mint chocolate chip (carob chips or cacao chips).

  • first of all, thanks for starting this thread. i too have been experimenting with mylks for my oldest daughter who is almost 3. she was breastfed for a year and then has been on organic milk since being weaned. she loves cow milk and soy milk, but tells me her tummy hurts when i’ve given her goat milk or almond mylk. kids definitely notice when you change things. i’ve just decided to keep increasing her raw food intake at and in between meals. i haven’t tried the melon mylk yet though. that is my next experiment. does anyone have any suggestions for what to give babies as you wean them from the breast milk?

  • Fresh carrot juice is very high in calcium and all nutrients. If needed dilute with distilled water. Even toddlers LOVE carrot juice. Start small and build up.

  • BreakingFree- Today I tried the carmel apple dip recipe- on here and it is DELICIOUS! My son requested that I put it in his lunch tomorrow with some apples!

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