GMO wheat grass?

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Does anyone know whether or not wheat is genetically modified? (the same wheat that we grow to make wheat grass juice) When I see wheat berries at the store, it doesn’t specify non-GMO, which makes me wonder. Anyone have any insight into this? Thanks


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    does anyone have any insight into the possibility of wheat being genetically modified and whether or not we should look for a non-GMO grass/green to juice?

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    When I was in school I purchased these cool sprouting machine I hung in my shower and grew wheat grass. Yes, evil Monsanto is growing GMO wheat in the US. Most of the other places in the world have shunned it and there has been concern by agribusiness with growing wheat here (America) because so much of it is exported and the rest of the world seems to understnad the dangers of it while most Americans are just oblivious to the state of their food supply.

    I used to buy organic wheat berries to sprout so I have no doubt some of it is GMO. How widespread, I have no idea. The bottom line is you can’t trust the food supply any more.

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    Yes, I agree. Our food supply is tainted and we have to work hard to understand just what our food goes through before it gets to our tables.

    Do you think it’s ok to use other grains to grow into grass for juice, just like wheatgrass has become so popular for? For example, I recently read that kamut is much like wheat, but has not been genetically modified. Do you think it could be used instead of wheat for juicing and get the same benefits? I wonder what Ann Wigmore would say…

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