I keep seeing Braggs in recipes. Why would you put this in a recipe? Is it a common ingredient to be able to purchase?


  • I think when someone refers to Braggs they’re referring to either their Apple Cider Vinegar (which is really nice, raw, living vinegar) or their Liquid Aminos, which are a lot like soy sauce. I’ve been a fan of the Liquid Aminos for years, preferring them as a seasoning to just about anything else. I wasn’t, however, aware of the Apple Cider Vinegar until our nutritionist gave us some to use as part of a detoxification program. Now it’s the only vinegar we use.

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    Whenever I just see Braggs in a recipe, I use the Liquid Aminos (this can be substitutes in any recipe that has Nama Shoyu or other soy sauces, plus the Braggs website says that this is a live food product that hasn’t been heated). Personally, I just like the taste better. I find it less salty than Nama Shoyu, although I’ve never looked at the difference in health. And I believe that Braggs is much more affordable than Nama Shoyu. If a recipe wanted you to use the Apple Cider Vinegar, as opposed to the Liquid Aminos, they’d certainly tell you.

    As far as purchasing, I’ve seen it in health-food stores and even in stores like Fred Meyer. It’s often not right in with the soy sauces, but rather in a health-food section.

  • I usually substitute Braggs Liquid Aminos for Nama Shoyu. It doesn’t contain wheat like most other soy sauces, including Nama Shoyu. You can buy it in health food stores, but I’ve actually food it in the organic section at Giant and Safeway.

  • As I pointed out in another post, the liquid aminos seem to be heated, although I don’t know if the report is valid. You can read up on it at…

    I’ve never had it either way, so I don’t know much, that’s just something to consider.

  • thank you cheynems that was very informative!

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