learning about going raw

Hello, I am just beginning with the idea of going raw. I have two children and a husband and take along with me so I am looking for help for myself and for them. I like the ideas posted in the forum about children going raw quietly changing things and increasing the ratios as they accept more. I figure that approach will work for me and my entire family.

I am a little nervous about it though as it seems like such perfect step to better health but so oddly foreign when I read the recipes. It’s mainly a mental adjustment I think.

Essentially I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have chronic sinus problems and have never really felt good since having the children. Tired, run-down, eating worse than ever before in my life due to being tired and run-down. Vicious little circle I am trying to get out of and raw sounds like it might do it without having to eat salads all day.

I tried the “Eat to Live†approach. Though I immediately felt more energetic after one week the thought of yet another plate of salad had me virtually gagging at the thought. So I went looking for something else and found raw. It seems with raw you can create a wide variety of dishes with different textures, colors and flavors. Texture is extremely important to me when eating, almost more than taste.

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