Hi I am new!

Hi found out I had celiac,along with allergies to eggs and soy. I am new to this and excited to learn everything! I have read Natalia Rose’s first book and Ani Phyo’s and I look forward to learning much more from everyone here.
What is a great, reasonably $ juicer recommendation and is a dehydrator a mandatory item?
My apt. kitchen is TINY with no counterspace! lol


  • Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen was my first book on this lifestyle too. I had never even heard of living foods before then, but I picked up the book at random in the library back in November. I now own the book along with several others and went completely raw in early December. So far it’s been an easy transition, and I hope it will be for you too. I’ve never been diagnosed with celiac, but I long ago noticed that consuming starchy foods is very fattening and wheat is very difficult for me to digest. Even if I did not go raw, wheat would have remained OUT of my diet.

    I don’t have a reasonable juicer recommendation, but you might check www.discountjuicers.com for a very interesting article about the different kinds of juicers. It’s best to know what you will be juicing (mainly fruit, mainly veggies, wheatgrass, etc.) to decide which one is best. They also sell top of the line reconditioned models, so you could potentially get an awesome juicer for the price of a cheaper model.

    I have a 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator. It is very big – so stay away unless you have a lot of room, which you say you don’t have. You don’t really need a dehydrator anyway. Most people would say to keep your diet simple and you can’t go wrong. Stick with the basics – fruit and veggies, and eat lesser quantities of nuts and seeds. My most used electronic items are my blender and my food processor, but what you really need is a large cutting board, a good set of knives, and a great set of teeth! You will be doing a lot of washing, cutting and eating fruit and veggies more than anything else, and you will feel great because of it!


  • Thanks so much for your advice and experience!

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