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Almond Milk

I’m sure this has probably been covered on here some where before, so I appologize for the repost.
I really like almond milk and would like to enjoy it more often, but when ever I make it, it seems to only stay good for about a day, then maybe after 2 days it sparates and curdles. Is this the average life span for a batch of almond milk? is there a way to prolong its (fridge) shelf life?
Should I just make a batch every day?


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I usually make enough for a couple days and haven’t seen curdling.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Hmmm. What causes curdling… would adding something anti-bacterial help? Say… raw honey? (Some argue never to use it, for the bees sake… and of course, with all the missing bees… it may not be a good idea.) Maybe a preservative type ingredient? Lemon wouldn’t taste good in almond milk… but you get the idea.

  • PonyGirlPonyGirl Raw Newbie

    I make almond and other nut milk regularly and have had very good luck with it keeping up to 2 weeks. Yes, it separates, but no curdling. I just give it a shake or a stir. Be certain all the utensils and containers you use, including your nut milk bag, are clean as can be. I soak my nuts overnight, rinse well, then blend in the blender with our wonderful mountain well water. Maybe your water is funky? I don’t even try to de-skin the almonds.

  • Hmmmm… Thanks for the advice, perhaps I could add something (honey or who knows what) to it. I’ll keep trying. I’m sure though because I live in a shared house, there could have been something floating around the fridge that could have done it.
    Thanks again

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I always use the same mylk jar. That helps loads. I had the same problem before, then I read somewhere to soak and use the same jar. I was kind of rotating my jars with everything, so I guess the bacteria was getting mixed up. Now mylk lasts at least 3 or more days.

  • edited April 2016

    I believe the same thing happened to me when I used dates to sweeten it, don’t know why, but when I use honey to sweeten it it doesn’t do that (plus it’s a whiter milk). But I still drank and enjoyed the date milk, after shaking. :0)


  • Last night I was just making a batch of almond milk since I needed pulp for a recipe I was making. Silly me, I tried to make a really big batch and ended up shooting the top right off of my Blendtec and got almond milk, crushed almonds and pulp all over my kitchen. It was actually a pretty funny sight, but I ended up having to half my recipe since I ran out of soaked almonds!

    This morning, the milk was separated so I just shook it up and then added some to my smoothie. My almond milk has always done that.

  • Maybe the almonds you’re getting contain bacteria?? Are you making sure to use a freshly cleaned prep-tools and container? I’ve known my stuff to last about 2 1/2 days (I make 7 cups at a time). You should also be sure that when you are done soaking them you give them a good couple of rinses before they go off to the blender.



  • I never make more than I need in 2 days. I was told it may go bad. I must admit I have not a patch go bad. I soak my almonds for at least 6 hours (start just befor bed and done when I get up in the morning) I always use a fine mesh strainer and strain mine till the almond pulp in pretty dry. I always shake the bottle before I serve it too. Try that. Good luck.

    Peace, love and light to you.


  • Would it be possible to maybe add some irish moss or lecithin to your milk after extracting the pulp to give it some binding ability for all the fats and liquids and other schtuff in it :)?

  • How do I make almond milk?

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