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BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

As many have experienced when searching for a recipe or topic, it can be a bit challenging. A great list is generated on a search word(s) and then there isn’t a way to keep the list available, go to a link, then go back to the list without re-searching again.

I don’t know if this has been posted before… sorry for the dup if it has. It just came to me so of course this is a new and unique idea, right? ;)

Here’s a workaround…

Open two browser windows (<ctrl><n>) or tab
Goto goneraw site in one window/tab
Goto goneraw site tab you want to search (Recipes, Forums, etc)
Do desired search. A list displays.
Right click on the link you desire to view. An option box displays.
Select Copy Shortcut
Goto second browser window/tab
Paste copied shortcut in web address/location field. Press <enter>.
Repeat from >>> to view another recipe or whatever you are searching.

This way the list stays active and you can view the different links.

Optional: Start a text program like Word, Wordpad, etc.
If you find a link you want to goto again or save (like make a top 10 recipe list or something…) paste the link in the text program before copying another link.

These directions describes what a PC user sees. Mac users might have different wording for the options but have the same functionality available.

Hopefully this is useful for someone… :|


  • susannabellajanesusannabellajane Raw Newbie

    Thanks for that great idea. I search frequently by ingredient, and so the lack of a list that stays put for clicking back and forth has been a frustration to me as well.

  • When I pull up the search list, I right click on the individual recipe link and choose open in new tab or new window.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Renoir: That works too… and is great if you want to have lots of windows/tabs open at one time. However, some people get really confused when they have a lot of windows open.

    susan: Glad you find it useful…

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