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Hello! I am so excited to have found this sight. I have recently changed my diet as I follow the Budwig Protocol to heal my metastatic breast cancer.(mets to liver and bones) In the diet there is alot of flaxseed oil and flax seeds as well as the buckwheat. Juicing fruits and veggies. I am VERY new this way of eating, but looking at your recipies my mouth is already watering. My dehydrator was ordered yesterday and I can’t wait for it to get here now.

Can I ask where is the best place to get raw grains, nuts and seeds and which ones are best to have on hand? I noticed the buckwheat can also be buck wheat groats. All so confusing at a time when everything is so overwhelming.

Finding this sight has really encouraged me. Thanks for being here and being so creative.



  • Welcome Wrinkled. I’m glad you found this website. It has been very helpful to me.

    It can feel overwhelming at first to make such a big change. So take it one step at a time. Adding fresh, organic greens and fruit can make a huge difference. A dehydrator makes it fun. There are so many good recipes on this website to try. Add a few as it feels right. I have found that listening to my body is the best indicator of which grains and nuts to use. For a while I was really into almonds. Now I have focused more on hemp seeds, pine nuts, flaxseed, sunflower seeds and a few walnuts for recipes. I have been craving green smoothies and big salads, so the grains and nuts aren’t a big deal for me now.

    I get raw grains, nuts and seeds from the bulk bins at my wonderful market on the island where I live. I understand you can order on line, too, though I haven’t done that myself. Health food stores in your neighborhood may be a good option.

    Sending you prayers and love….

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    HI WRINKLES , theres an excellent thread at www.rawfoodtalk.com ,
    once on that page click 30 day challenge to get to forum section . once there at top of page search ’ cancer , calling all angels ’ .
    it is an excellent / lengthy thread with great info and many links to the best healers on earth . my parents both dealt with this problem over 15 years ago and ever since ive been reading on the topic – natural healing – diet / nutrition / disease etc and IMO your right on course to healing with raw foods – juicing – fasting . a big thing is , in manys opinion , adjusting your body chemistry from its probably acidic state to an alkaline 1 . cancerous cells thrive in an acidic body , but not in an alkaline 1 . many healers would suggest juicing dark greens for this as they bring the body into an alkaline state . growing wheat grass in trays / plastic dish pans is super easy and you can just cut it up into bits into a blender half full of water and whip into a dark green liquid then strain . so dont need juicer / equipment to get this going . you can juice any dark greens in this blender manner if dont have juicer . though ide say the experts would prefer juicing in a slow masticating type juicer like a samson / omega / greenstar because the airiation and possible heat caused by blender would make the juice less healthy . finally to me healing this i look at as CLEANING THE BLOOD / CELLS / TISSUES / BONES / BODY OF INTERNAL WASTE - POLLUTION !!! thats why i say raw – fasting – juicing , get all the improper foods , and for much of the time solid foods out of the g.i. tract / body and your blood / waste removal processes can get to work in removing the wastes caused mainly by improper diet and thusly improve circulation to all cells and at same time feed the cells the organic / living raw plant enzymes they need to thrive / get pink alive and eradicate the sickly cells . oh , if you get into any length fasting from my experience drinking green tea to quell appetite is a great tool . it helped get me to raw 2 years ago even though its not considered raw . to me its only simple dry plant in water so its bennys out weigh any tiny imo negatives. THAT THREAD AT RAWFOODTALKS a must see . goodday :)

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    i forgot to add . if get into fasting or looking for raw food recipes , surf over to www.rawfreedomcommunity.com . the creator carm (plus non chef don) is a great raw food chef and has a blog called sunnyrawkithchen thats GREAT . stocked with mega recipes and great links . plus we get fasts going there to support each other in groups . RAWk on !!!!!

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    i guess that above rawfreedom link isnt working so heres another =


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