Another newbie

I just found this place after searching for some easy rawcepies.

I am not all raw, but I went to a Seattle restaurant a few weeks ago that was raw, and fell in love. I will probably not ever go completely raw, but want to incorporate as much raw food into my life as possible.

I have a question though. I recently have lost 90 lbs, and have about 30 left to go. I know that raw will help me, but I am concerned about the nuts. I see that most recipes hva e nuts in them, I am not currently counting calories, I just eat the “right” kinds of foods..and limit my fat intake. I only use Virgin coconut oil at present, and still don’t have more than 2-3 tblsp. a day.

Will the addition of nuts hurt my weight loss? Do you all watch how many nuts you eat a day?

I don’t want to be a stick, just a healthy woman who looks good!

thanks so much! Can’t wait to try these recipes out.


  • OneOne

    Hey Siren223, yes nuts are so good for you but they do have a high calorie content. When i went on hikes we ate pretty much nothing but nuts for energy. I eat about a handful a day – a handful of almonds gives you roughly your daily calcium needs. I don’t think it will affect your weight loss at all if you exercise!
    Best to you.

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