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Young thai coconuts danger?

steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

Hearing that young thai coconut’s might be soaked in formaldehyde after I had just cracked one open and drank the WHOLE thing I was grossed out. I happen to work in a organic produce department and asked the buyer if he knew. He then placed the ordering for coconuts and asked the distributer. The distributer knew exactly what he was talking about and said.. YES THEY ARE to keep them white!!!...He also said it leaks into the water. I about threw up in my mouth when I heard…. The outcome… My Manager decided not to order anymore and investigate what is going on and try to find some that aren’t soaked or only order others. Bummer because those are my favorite! I must find a new love. I’ll tell you what happeneds after he investigates. I love my produce department because not to long back we were carring some mexican papaya’s a customer noticed a pasty white something or nother on them and asked what it was.. we thought it was yeast or something. So my boss investigated and took samples and found out that paste was CAKED ON PESTICIDES!!!! We no longer carry that product and switched over to only papaya’s from Hawaii..



  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Paste? What type of paste?

  • steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

    it literally looked like white powdery paste. caked on to the end that has the “butt”. Do you eat papaya’s from mexico?

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    I’ve read that the “Best” brand coconuts are not treated, but I’m not 100% sure. I would very much appreciate you checking that out actually, because I haven’t been able to find their contact information.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Thanks steamboatkatie…. :( These only just came on the market where I live and they are all beautifully (horribly) white :( . Up till recently (when I read on here about the formaldehyde and radiation) I was sucking them up as fast as I could.
    The other day I bought one anyway….just because I wasn’t really certain that these were the same kind that had been treated – but couldn’t bring myself to drink it.
    Now I guess I will throw it out. Are u sure it gets through to the liquid inside?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Can’t you get the green coconuts in the USA? They still have thier natural green smooth outer skin, and they’re never dipped in anything. They taste way better than the white diamond ones. The ones I get here in the UK are gown in Costa Rica.

  • Here is a link for untreated young coconuts:


    They are very expensive due to overnight shipping costs but at least they are available.

  • My husband read about someone who would buy a bunch of coconuts to save on shipping and would then spend some time cracking them open and would freeze the meat and juice in various portion sizes. At least he knew they were organic, I guess.

    Has anyone else tried freezing young coconut meat/water?

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    There is a great discussion on what enzymes are on Understanding Enzymes.

  • steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

    Ok so at work today I was talking to my boss about the situation again. I told him about “best” brand and we do carry those as well. but “best” is conventional. At my work a young coconut is about $2.39 we are going to completely stop carring conventional coconuts and switch over to organic but my boss is worried because then the coconut will cost almost 5 dollars each. Which I DON’T CARE…. as long as it’s not soaked in that gross stuff. I told him about the ones that are shipped over night and he’s told me that the organic ones are ok and not soaked in anything.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    In an Asian food store in Perth, Australia, where I live there is site of origin-processed frozen young coconut water for sale (It’s a popular SE Asian drink) A lot of it is sweetened.
    I have bought the unsweetened brand and tried it and it just didn’t compare to the fresh (even though formaldehyde treated) – it was OK but flat.
    I don’t know if this is because they pasteurised it or something for preservation or because the freezing altered the life essence of the juice. Bluedolfin thanks for that link I will read it!

  • I am really upset and disturbed to hear about this. I usually consume 4-5 young coconuts/wk. I do know that in Thailand the coconuts we had were usually brown or green on the outside. Not these diamond-shaped white ones we have here in the US. Do you think the formaldehyde seeps into the water and meat? It would be expensive and difficult to obtain organic ones. I live in rural NM… I cant even get regular thai coconuts here- I buy large amounts when I travel about and bring them back.


    Joyce – Tks for your interest. We have an extensive distribution network that caters to the wholesale/retail industry throughtout the country. Do you have a favourite organic store to which you buy your fruits/vegetables? If so they are able to order it either from their wholesaler or ourseleves directly if they can buy a pallet (to make the transportation costs affortable). Have them contact us for further info. We are also exploring the ability to ship via UPS or similar.

    Take care – Dennis

  • Please visit my website revealing the truth about this rumor.



  • Here is a link for organic wild young coconuts from Hawaii. 5-6 coconuts cost around $38.00. The link is: <http://www.rawguru.com/store/raw-food/organic_w…> If you have trouble with the link go to rawguru.com and enter “wild young coconuts” in the search box. If you scroll down there is an excerpt of a newsletter from The Tree of Life Cafe at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, in which they list the reasons they are no longer using Thai coconuts. Even if they are not dipped, they are supposedly irradiated and are cross polinated with palm trees. Wild is best. NOTE: LINK SHOWS INCOPLETE BUT WORKS.

  • I have had wild young coconuts in Fiji and in Hawaii and they are different. Thai coconuts are supposedly cross polinated wtih plam to make them sweeter and this was my experience having consumed both. Did you scroll down to the bottom of the advertisement on raw guru to check out the reasons that Tree of Life is no longer using Thai coconuts? You know, we can all drive ourselves crazy trying to sift through all the conflicting info. I don’t believe that is really a productive way to live life. Do the best that you can and follow your intuition.

  • I found this information for the company Asia Exotic.
    My local Health Food store New Frontiers in Prescott, Az, carries this brand:

    Asia exotic corporation ltd. A subsidiary of boonmee international co. Ltd. Was founded in 1983. We have been accepted by customers worldwide as one of the best exporters of agricultural products from thailand. We are a one stop shop company. Our major activities are to produce and export a broad range of agricultural products including baby corn, ginger, as well as all kinds of fruit, vegetables, and thai herbs to the global market via airfreight and sea freight for over 20 years. Our export volume currently stands at 8,000 tons per annum. Our export markets cover europe, the united states, canada, japan, hong kong and middle eastern countries. We offer premium-quality, fresh, clean and pesticide-free products, in compliance with the codex, EU and wto standards.
    Since quality and food safety are our priority, asia exotic corporation ltd. Has invested in the construction of advanced manufacturing plants. We have applied a series of international standards of quality and safety to our entire production line, starting from the careful selection of raw materials from our own farms through to the final stage of finished products. We have introduced gap(good agricultural practice) in the farm with the close supervision of experienced staff. The selective raw materials will be transported to our manufacturing plant by refrigerated trucks to maintain the most freshness possible. The raw materials will be subjected to inspection under the standard of gmp(good manufacturing practice) and tested to detect chemical substances in our laboratory before entering the production process. In the entire production line, we have implemented the haccp(hazard analysis critical control point) standard, guaranteeing that all of our products are fresh, clean, free from chemical substances and perfectly safe for consumption. The finished products will be kept in cold storage before delivery by refrigerated trucks to consumers worldwide.

    As a result of our commitment to quality and food safety, we were awarded the ‘best export award’ in 1990 and have been authorized by the department of export promotion of the ministry of commerce to use the ‘thailand brand’ logo(no. Fb 0253/01) in 2001, certifying high-quality products, excellent services and export volume.

    You can, therefore, be assured that our products are of high quality and safe for consumption, and rely on our second-to-none services.
    Company Profile
    Basic Information

    Company Name: Asia Exotic Corporation Ltd.
    Business Type: Manufacturer
    Product/Services: Fresh fruit, vegetables, thai herb
    Number of Employees: 501 – 1000 People
    Company Website URL: http://www.asia-exotic.thailand.com

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I’m not trying to be mean, but believing a food company because they say to, doesn’t instill faith in my heart. If people are finding that young Thai coconuts have been dipped in preservatives and have proven it,(which they apparently have) then I’m not buying and eating them. I don’t care what the PR department says. Do we believe everything that comes out of Kraft’s mouth? Nope, we know better.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I think you’re right on with lowering the nuts, agave and coconuts, Joyce. After reading the other day that the date industry fumigates and pastuerizes the fresh dates before drying, it’s just not worth it. I’ve lived in Asia and I’ve seen first-hand the enormous volumes of metal-based chemicals literally poured onto everything from plant foods to the back yard grass. I’ve lost baby animals to hideous, agonizing deaths and it’s not worth the guess. I know I’ll be a little pig and make a snack of the occassional coconut or date but from now on I’m eliminating them from my diet.

    Folks, I’m not trying to depress anyone or make anyone paranoid, but keep in mind that food company representitives (both Western and Eastern) lurk in all food and diet forums, all of them. They’re hard to keep out. So take everything you’re told with a grain of salt. Haha, that was not meant to be clever there with the salt . . .

  • I have to say I am apalled and not surprised about the coconuts. I have been eating quite a lot of these and feel sick knowing what I have put in my body.I can get the BEST coconuts sometimes at my local organic grocer(they clearly lable them not organic) but they don’t carry them all the time and are also moreexpensive so I have been getting them at whole foods,you know not the BEST ones but the ones that are cleaned in poision. I will reasearch the coconut website,thanks.

    Also,I have to say I have had some serious issues with my whole foods market here.Starting to think its just the same as my local grocery store.Anyone else feel that way?????
    This past summer I had a small get together,I included non raw foods for my boyfriend and his friends. I went to Whole foods for a few things,one being prpared potatosalad.Later right before my guest arrived I started to put it in a bowl…....and out came a RAG!!!!!!!!Unbelievable,so gross!!!!!!!!!

  • Mham, Sorry to hear about your Whole Foods experience! Eeeewwe. I’d be grossed out too! I think that having an organic food chain like Whole Foods is good, especially for those places that don’t have many shopping choices. However, I’m finding lately that they are offering less and less organic and more conventional produce (annoying if you are really traveling there to find organic produce like coconuts) and I really have to be careful when I shop there. They are also opening so many new stores that they are becoming the WalMart of organic supermarkets. :-( Just one opinion.

  • I agree Linda,thank-goodness for the small organic grocer I have near by. Who knows maybe oneday walmart will OWN whole foods,YUCK! Sorry to offend anyone but I have never shopped there and never will.

  • I’m suprised unless many do not eat these,that there were not many more responces to this topic????
    I think that this information is frightnening,It just makes me feel well..what else have you/I spent money on in good faith,trying to do the right thing and then well now… look here another so called good healthy food not so good?any thoughts?

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Do any coconuts come from the States, like Hawaii?

  • ardesmond2ardesmond2 Raw Newbie

    I stated this in another post, but if you must have coconut meat or water for whatever reason. Check your farmers market they usually carry a frozen version. I have used these when I absolutely need the water or the flavor for my ice creams. Not sure what happens to the enzymes during freezing, but its better then the dipped COCO”s . I read a post on here from someone who sounded very upset about this and claimed that the COCO’s with the best sticker are not dipped. Well I purchased one of those COCO’s last night at the farmers market after hearing that the possibly were not dipped. I have to say maybe its just the fear they look very suspect. Maybe looks are not everything, but why take the chance. I threw it out. !!

  • Sorry if someone else already posted this, I didn’t read every post … . But a coconut lovin’ raw friend of mine e-mailed me this link last night.


  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    He mentions the husk was also tested. So, did he send in a whole coconut encased in husk only or also one of those “dehusked” ones that are shaved to a point that I see in the stores? Those are the ones that people are saying have been dipped to stop the flesh from turning dark.

  • It is hard to know what to believe. I have read many times that the young thai coconuts from Thailand are bleached, fumigated and formaldehyde dipped before being allowed into the country and to survive coming over on a boat. genefitnutrition.com claims they have a source of organic non-treated young coconuts that are flown in and delivered within 48 hrs. Again we cannot always believe everything we hear. However, I would definitely think most of the conventional young coconuts available in stores are suspect. I personally would avoid them. Have to agree with everything Alix1962 says about food companies and what they will say to promote their stuff.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    The thing is, when living in Burma, I did note that there is an almost total innocence on the part of the people in trying to keep their products looking “pretty”, you know? I mean, there was no deceit intended. So when asking any Asian company about there foods, it’s hard to be polite and get a real answer, lol. Sort of like the kelp noodles things. I think I was the only person who noticed that the answer involved a bit of waffling:-)

    I remember trying to roust out some Dole food company mole from a site dealing with girls who had eating disorders. This person was posing as a sick teenager, with the story of woe, a blog, then after “she” pulled in enough young listeners, she launched into a new fruit drink she had “discovered”, can you believe that?? Ugg, some people!

  • IMPORTANT: Please read --

    I had a significant problem from the coconut water. I only recently bought a few (two each from different stores) to try what is reportedly so great. I should state that, for the most part, I am pretty healthy; my only health issue is that I have rather extreme chemical sensitivities. Upon drinking the water from the first coconut, I immediately noticed an undertaste that was similar to the taste of Anbesol (a numbing agent for tooth discomfort). It was faint, but definitely discernable. I'm new to these coconuts, so while I hoped that the strange taste was something to which folks adjust, I was still a little spooked by it. After drinking only about 1/3 of the water from the first coconut, I had an immediate reaction and vomited. It was like a knee-jerk reaction. Not a lot of nausea...just an immediate reaction. This was followed by ongoing stomach upset for about a day. When I opened the next coconut (intending to freeze the contents), a small amount of the liquid splashed onto the back of my hand. Within three minutes a huge welt formed and the itching was intense...like poison ivy itching. So, I began to do the research, and sure enough, I discovered that these young coconuts are literally soaked in a few chemicals, the purpose of which is to kill mold, extend shelf life, and to bleach the outside. It is a routine thing, and many people mistakenly believe that the chemicals do not penetrate the coconut shell. The truth, however is that a recent investigative test revealed that a sampling of coconut water contained some eleven pesticides. You can read the abstract at:


    I must emphasize that this is not an allergy situation. It is a chemical sensitivity reaction. What that means to you is that when I get poisoned my body immediately rejects it. You will be poisoned and possibly never feel the effects until more serious damage is done.

    There is only one way to impress the folks who market these coconuts...until the product can be delivered via stringent organic standards, we should not be giving them our money. Most of us are willing to pay extra for purity. Until it's a safe product we shouldn't even want it. Let's send the message that we will pay for organic, untained coconut water, and nothing less. It works every time.

    To be sure, until I am guaranteed that the fruit has never been chemically treated, I will not go near coconut water. FYI, I have had no problems eating other produce that probably contains pesticide residue, but these coconuts contain enough chemical to elicit a relatively serious reaction. As far as I'm concerned, I've been hit on the head with the proverbial brick. After all, I'm only into "raw" because it's healthy. These coconuts are not.

  • REALLY? Because I did the "test" I soaked/immersed my 'BEST' young thai coconut in a jug of water with a WHOLE small bottle of RED FOOD dye.. Let it sit for 24hrs and... opened it up... and.. CLEAR water?! So I am not sure what to think now..

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