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Try it: Papaya Seed Cleanse

AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

Here in Brasil ingesting WHOLE Papaya seeds is a traditional home remedy for cleansing. The traditional healers and herbalists say it is especially great for cleaning out Parasites, cleansing the intestines and constipation. It is still very common for mothers to give it to their children.


The scientific reasoning behind it is that the seeds are covered by that jelly-looking fiber.

Tip: It is easiest if you swallow a spoonful of papaya with whole seeds. You may have soft stool as it is a natural laxative, afterwards you will feel lighter.

Good cleansing!



  • Cool. How many seeds? Just one spoonful?

  • AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

    oh no. All of them!

    1 small papaya or 1/2 a large papaya daily for up to 7 days.

    They will come out in your poop, do

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master


  • Can you do this cleanse just eating raw along with it?


  • AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

    Yse Sky Princess,
    You should eat whatever it is that you normally eat.

    Its even great for people who eat regular SAD.

    But I

  • Ok, how long should you do it (is 7 days the traditional way to do it, or should you do it shorter?)?
    Can you do the seed thing just whenever you happen to eat papaya or does it have to be exclusively a few day thing?

  • Aaaah OOOOkay :)
    First I thought, you mean ONLY eating one papaya a day for a weak (and nothing else), which put me off gg But you mean, eating it just additional to whatever else, right?
    I have to try that, as I love papaya… Haven’t had one for quite a long time though…. they’re quite expensive and I can’t get organic/fairtrade ones here..
    Thanks for the interesting post!

  • Hey Ale! thanks so much for your post. this is my first day trying this papaya cleanse… those seeds were hard to swallow! i’m not too used to the taste of papaya either… but its worth it right?

    i had a half of a large papaya today and the corners of my mouth are BURNING! and the corners of my nose too… is that normal?

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I’m a little confused… I’ve read many times about the seeds being great for cleansing, but everything I’ve read said to chew or blend up the seeds rather than swallow them whole ???

  • AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

    Dear Coconutty,
    as I have mentioned this is a traditional remedy, so its been around for generations. As for chewing Papaya seeds, I tried it and it is yucky.

    Either way, I gues you could chew it, but I promise it ie easier if you swallow whole. As I said the black seed is insoluble fiber. It goes right through and acts like a brush in your intestines.

  • AleBrazil, how long does this take to work?? (Meaning, how long should I eat it before leaving for class in the morning?? =] )

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    kundalalita, how long did the burning last? How did your stomach take it? (I’m not familiar w/ this cleanse… but I am curious.)

  • leigh starleigh star Raw Newbie

    Thank you so much Ale!
    I am loving this cleanse! It is so simple and it’s really turned me onto papayas!

  • germin8, the burning on my mouth and nose continued the next couple times i ate the papaya, it is a similar thing to what i have experienced eating too much pineapple (although not on my nose!) but after those few times it went away and i have been having papaya almost everyday ever since this post went up. There weren’t any negative effects on my stomach, only positive, its gentle and effective. The first couple days i noticed like white mucousy stuff in my stool…glad thats getting out!

    I went from being totally unfamiliar and a little grossed out by papaya and esp papaya seeds to loving and craving the fruit and especially the Seeds! thanks again Ale!

    Oh yea, my boyfriend loves it too! we fight over who gets more seeds hehe

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thanks for giving us an update kundalalita. I had no idea you did this more than once!

    How long will (or can) the papaya cleanse continue for?

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    I’ve been eating papaya seeds for years, without the knowledge of their cleansing properties. It’s only that I’m too lazy to remove them… lol!!
    Thanks for the info AleBrazil.

  • I love papaya. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite fruit, that would be it (but I really love almost all fruits). Anyway, I did a search for papaya and found this and just ate all the seeds in my half papaya. Usually I throw them out. Sounds like a great way to cleanse though and I am sure I could use it. Thank you AleBrazil~!

  • kundalalita -

    I think what you were experiencing were either the fact that papaya has a high concentration of enyzmes that are known to have exfoliating properities for the skin (remember when all those papaya skin products were coming out that claimed to “peel” or exfoliate the skin and heal it) or the fact that some people can have a papaya latex allergy because of the all the papain in papaya – did you eat a green papaya? It sounds like your skin adjust though.

    I would love to try this cleanse but I have such a hard time swallowing even the tiniest pill I don’t know if I could handle it. Esp would be nice if it cleans mucuos out. Did any one feel any discomfort when stooling?

  • I must go buy a few papayas now! Is it necessary to take a laxative tea with it? I know that with a lot of cleanses the high fibre component should be taken with a tea to keep things moving….

  • alissas2246alissas2246 Raw Newbie
    edited September 2017

    Wow, amazing AleBrazil! Your country's remedy confirmed what I "discovered" a few days ago about papaya seeds!

    Recently, I ate half a papaya before going to bed. I simply cut a papaya in half and used a spoon to scoop up the flesh. Of course, I threw alway most of the seeds but didn't manage to get all of them out and when I chewed on them I just hoped they weren't poisonous (lol). Some seeds had no taste when chewed on but some gave a stinging sensation that went up my nose! It was almost like I drank a strong chemical. The only other food that I know gives this taste is wasabi. I thought that was strange and meant that I shouldn't be eating the seeds but I didn't get any adverse affects.

    The next morning, half an hour after getting out of bed, I had a strong urge to go which I hadn't felt in a long time and it was surprisingly effortless to pass motion. I felt great and ten times lighter than I've ever felt and was determined to include more papayas in my diet. But I had no idea that it was the SEEDS (that I didn't bother to throw away that night) that gave the effect because eating readily cut papayas from stalls didn't do anything for me.

    So now I plan to store the seeds in a container in the fridge and eat around a teaspoon like a supplement every night as I think it takes around eight hours to work and you'd be ready to go in the morning. 

    As of now, I'm not sure whether:

    1. you absolutely need to eat the papaya fruit along with the seeds for effect
    2. if it will cause dependency for the seeds leading to tolerance


    I'm really glad I found this remedy as it's definitely better (and healthier) than relying on caffeine for the same reaction. I was dealing with bloating, gassiness and VERY sluggish bowel movements and tried to increase my fibre and water intake as much as possible. But even after almost a year, that didn't really work so I went on hunting for natural laxatives. All the bloating and constipation also made me feel lazy and unproductive so it was really taking a toll on me. What usually "resets" my system is if I fast for a day or if I drink coffee but I'll eventually develop a tolerance to caffeine have to rotate the days when I can drink coffee. Here's to papaya seeds! *clinks glass*

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