Rawfoodhists in the Bay Area CA

Hi & Happy New Year,
I would love to know who is located in the Bay Area CA or come to the Bay Area regularly? Thanks : )
I am in Kensington which is above North Berkeley : )
Best wishes for the New Year !


  • Hi Delphine
    I am originally from the Bay Area (San Jose), but I live in VA now; however, I do travel back about once a year to visit family and friends. I graduated from UCB and the area is beautiful. If you have a chance, go to the Berkeley Bowl – great produce!

  • Hi newbie : )
    Feel free to contact me next time you’ll come here : ). My contact info. is on my website (see bio.)
    I love Berkeley Bowl : )

  • Hi RawJim,
    You too if you come back this way let me know : )
    Kensington is quite amazing isn’t it ! We sure love living here.

  • Hi Delphine I live in Santa Cruz. Do you know that area? South of San Francisco. I’ve only ever been above San Francisco once. It was very pretty.

  • Thanks, Delphine. I’ll be sure to look you up. :-)

  • My intent is to built a in person community from this wonderful on live community : )

    Hi Stramboatkatie,
    Yes & I love this area (Santa Cruz). The Land Of Medicine Buddha is very dear to me there. You too feel free to contact me if you come my way again.

    Hi RawJim,
    no I am not familiar with where you are.

    Hi Newbie,
    great ! : )

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