• yes I live in Boston and I am soo excited!! and I’m from NY so I get the best of both worlds…just went to Quintessence last week mmm. I love raw restaurants! :-)

  • I’m waiting patiently for it to open. hungry

  • I’m so excited! Maybe we could all plan a meetup there sometime? I want to get to know some raw foodists in the Boston area!

  • I wonder if the meals there will be smothered in Braggs!

    (just being sarcastic)

  • While your waiting there is also a new restaurant in Beverly Mass called Organic Garden…it is on Cabot Street…I haven’t been yet…but hope to go soon…xox

  • I’ve been to Organic Garden a couple of times. The food is good (taco dinner…yumm) and I love the atmosphere. They also sell some books and pre-made goodies which is cool. The only thing is that they do throw some non-raw things on your plate so make sure to ask what’s raw or not.

  • p.s. Grezzo is taking reservations starting today!

  • Organic Garden has been open since 1999 – the DOS TACOS are awesome. They are supposedly changing their entire menu for a REVAMP next month.

    I have been to Grezzo a few times – it is AMAZING. Def go if you can!!

    ~ Katie

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