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first raw food purchases - what should they be??

Hello everybody!!

I’m new to this and although I’ve been researching and reading about this for a while now, I need advice from some seasoned raw fooders.

Being a student, I can only purchase one at a time, so what should be first? A juicer, a blender, or a food processor. Which is most versatile?

Also—what are some staple ingredients? I was thinking Agave Nectar, cold pressed olive oil, sea salt…am I on the right track?




  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    the magic bullet was at costco today for $49. i cannot praise this item enough, esp. if you are cooking for one. it is food processor, blender and grinder in one. it gets nuts to a powder, you can make great salad dressings, sauces, curries…

    but i agree with rawjim, food processor is the first start. i don’t use my juicer enough, and go through phases of not really wanting juice, mixing and mincing is consistently necessary.

    good luck!

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    Cuisinart has a dual food processor/blender that sells for about $100 in stores (probably cheaper online?), so that would give you two in one. I thought the blender was pretty effective (it definitely blends smoothies without ice chunks, for example), but I’ve been using a Vitamix for a while now, so that has kind of re-calibrated my expectations. The little duo Cuisinart food processor is still the only food processor I have, though, so I suppose I’m pretty happy with it!

    Actually, I almost never use my food processor. Maybe it’s because I grew up without one, but I think it’s kind of a hassle to use unless I’m making really large quantities of something (I’m usually just cooking for 1-2). However, I use my blender all the time.

    The other random appliance that I use all the time is a coffee grinder. I have a Cuisinart one with a 4 oz removable grinding chamber (about $30). I use it for making nut butters, nut flours, spice mixes, and all sorts of stuff. I love, love, love it. It’s so nice for making small quantities. I love my blender, but man, it’s annoying to use it for grinding 1/3 cup of almonds or something, so I use the coffee grinder constantly. But it sounds like the magic bullet could replace this and the blender, so that might be a perfect choice!

    I totally agree with pianissima about the juicer—I love mine, and I’m using it daily at the moment, but I often go through phases where I don’t use it, so I wouldn’t call it essential at all. Plus, you can always just make juice by blending and straining your produce. A strainer is a great thing to have in general, it allows so much more control over the texture of your creations.

    Definitely invest in good olive oil and salt (I like himalayan salt, myself). My other pantry staples are dates (I usually use them instead of agave), chia seeds, and apple cider vinegar. One suggestion on the pantry stocking front: you might start out small with more expensive items like nuts. Some things that are staples for others might not be to your palate, so if you can try them out in recipes first, you’ll avoid overstocking on items you won’t use.

    Have fun!

  • edited April 2016

    Not trying to be contreversial but I would say a good high-quality blender. I use ours 2-3 times daily! If you’re talking a cheap blender then I would definitely agree and say the food processor, but if you’re getting a good blender that’s a different story. In a good blender you can make chunky soups or salsas, dips and dressings if you want. Or smooth drinks and juices (yes, juices) and mylks. You can often make doughs for your raw cookies or bars too. But it really boils down to what kind of foods raw you like best and then getting the equipment to make those favorites. For me, I’d collapse without my daily smoothies. ;0)

    Organic/raw soya sauce (I like Braggs) is a must for me as well as apple cider vinager, tahini, and olive oil. Oh, and almonds and dates! Nummy, blessed, delicious dates!


  • This is all great advice!!
    Thank you ALL!

  • I agree with Sky Princess! I need my blender and a good blender at that! We burnt through two “regular” blenders in no time!
    It really does depend on what raw foods you eat most…

  • i am seconding pianissima, my magic bullet is a necessity and since it’s just me the majority of the time, it prepares enough for one and acts as a blender, food processor and chopper all in one.

  • edited April 2016

    Blender hands down is your best fisrt purchase. I highly recommend Blend tec…the best! Its a blender and processor all in one.

  • I am recommending the magic bullet also. Since it is small enough, it travels with me to and from work.

  • I started with a magic bullet. The hummus was so good, had to get a bigger machine, so got a vitamix. I can’t imagine using anything else. On LOW SPEED, you can grind things and on high pulverize them so they mix with not so tasty foods ( cabbage) where you can’t taste the veggies, only the fruit.
    The mixed drinks with cabbage, carrot, fruit are so yummy….. we don’t want to let on or “rawbucks” will open at every corner charging 10 dollars for a cup of raw drink.

  • Hey everyone*
    I currently have a magic bullet…..I’m trying to get introduced to the whole raw foods thing….what is the best way to start out? What are some general “rules” to follow? I have been on a detox for 2 weeks now, and have eliminated ciggs, pot, caffine, diet soda,aspertame,diet pills and pretty much all meat and dairy, and have been eating all organic…..I would like to just do it up….but Im not sure what steps to take to start…..also, I have been experiencing cold-like symptoms for the past 3 days, and wasn’t sure if I had caught a cold or if it was all the toxins being released….any comments or suggestions would be helpful…thanks!

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