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Hi all,

Here’s my situation: I need to gain weight, at least 10 to 15 pounds, and I’m not too sure how to go about it. Is anyone else struggling with this situation?

To give you an idea, I’m 85-95% raw depending on the day. I’ve got a go-go all the time lifestyle, and I don’t have the time, the budget nor the patience to prepare complicated recipes. Also, I’m very sensitive to what I eat and always concerned about proper digestion.

I typically eat fresh fruits and veggies, seeds, but not many many nuts. I like big salads for dinner, or things like soup, crackers and dips. I’ve considered eating an avocado or more per day, more nut/seed butters, and starting smoothies.

What do you think? Any more suggestions? Thanks in advance!!


  • You loose alot of wait initially on a raw diet but eventually your body figures out what the ideal weight is and you gain some back. I don’t know if I would tamper with that. Why do you need to gain weight?

  • to confirm what nagev posted, i myself lost a substantial amount of weight when i switched from traditional to vegan. it took some time but my body has found its middle ground. that being said, my suggestion for anyone trying to gain solid weight is to increase their meal size, meal frequency and adjust their meal timing. the first two suggestions are self explanatory so i will elaborate on the third item, focusing on the before bed and upon awakening meals. try to eat a dense yet balanced meal as close to bedtime as possible. some people have a hard time falling asleep if they eat too large a meal before bed so experiment with the meal size. the key here is to have food in your system during sleep so that your body is not forced to cannibalize itself while you are sleeping. the other key meal is breakfast. be sure to eat a solid meal and not a liquid / shake / smoothie meal for breakfast if keeping weight on is a problem. starting the day with a liquid meal will curb/suppress your body’s appetite resulting in not eating enough later in the day. a liquid breakfast (and sometimes lunch) is one of the ‘tricks’ most diet companies (like slim fast) employ. it is not their ‘tasty shakes’ that make people loose weight; it is simply the fact that it is a liquid meal first thing in the morning. beyond the above, increase your protein and fat content as your may need more than the average person as well as consider exercising using weights if you are not already doing so. i hope this helps

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    I found the best way to gain some weight is to drink high calorie smoothies. They pack a lot of calories and dont make you feel too bloated. Try adding hemp protein powder and oils to smoothies. That should increase your calorie intake. Whatever you do, do not force your self. You should always focus on gaining weight gradually. Good luck!


  • I can totally understand where you are coming from. My advice would be to first add more fruit juice into your diet. It’s great for you, won’t make you feel full, plus you’ll feel really energized! Adding avacado is a great idea too. Also, great for you… but be aware that avacados (while calorie dense—great if you need to gain weight!) they are also very fibrous and filling. Vaughn also has a great idea with the smoothies, and trying to add hemp, or for instance almond butter to them. Add some extra seeds and nuts, and if you’re afraid of being too full, be wary of foods like cucumbers and celery that fill you up too much without a lot of calories. I would also recommend keeping something like trail mix with you to nibble on during the day, since you’re so busy. Glad you’re wanting to get back to a healthy weight and I hope this helps!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Exercising in a way that balances your body out and adds muscle will add weight to you. I do Bikrams Yoga, which is 28 Hatha poses, done in a hot room. It has helped my body shape look less emaciated, I lost a lot of weight initially on raw. I am still the same tiny dress size, but I look much more filled out and there are lean muscles covering my bones.And my posture has improved because of it. I recommend it because as it isn’t aerobic exercise it won’t add to the weight loss problem, but add lean muscles and help balance you out to a healthy body shape/weight. Oh and by the way, when I started doing yoga my detox symptoms stopped completely. I think the yoga is a valuable tool to raw food transitioning for that reason alone..

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