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My husband and I went raw for about a month before the holidays and we (or at least I) felt really great! Then I got my dehydrator and started to really try the recipes in the cookbooks I bought. Ugh! What a disaster! Nothing really tasted good and the preparation was really difficult. I have 2 toddlers, Elijah 3 and Angelica 20 months so time is a precious commodity! After our many disastrous and exhausting meals, we (I) gave up and I physically feel horrible. I am tired all of the time, bloated, etc. despite the fact that we are vegetarians and eat pretty healthy. With that being said, I really want to get back to eating mostly raw and could use any advice. We tend to eat “gourmet” style meals, so simple salads aren’t going to cut it. Please help me!


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    Hi Frustrated. I understand and have been down this road. I’m a bit of a foodie too and my natural tendency was to go the whole hog and do the gourmet stuff. It beat me in the end and I went back to the drawing board. On my second attempt, I still did the main meal of the day as a hot meal, so it got around some of the practical challenges, so rather than be a slave to it, I tried to fit it around what was workable.

    Don’t know what cookbooks you are using, but there are some great main meals that don’t need a dehydrator, but are fabulous. For example the one I make the most is Raw Food Real World lasagne. Lots of great stuff in there without having to bother and plan 48 hours ahead. Once you can find one or two reliable meals then you can start to think about phasing out the hot stuff.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks. I have that cookbook but haven’t made the lasagne yet…have had it in the restaurant and is was yummy. I will try to make it this weekend.

  • Hi Frustrated, wow i cant tell you how many times I felt dissapointed in my recipes from the cookbooks, the nuts made me feel gross and the prep was overwhelming… nothing is worse than waiting 12 to 24 hours for something and it taste like butt! I dont know what kind of a cook you are but what i figured out was that when i went back to my old ways of cooking by intuition and holding a few “rules” in mind whilst prepareing food it tasted better and took less time than following a recipe! my two favorites that take under 20 minutes to put together and about 40 to “warm” in the dehydrator or you can worm really carefully on the stove are burritos, mock tuna, and stir fry. my latest burrito concotion is on the recipe page, posting after i finish this, the stir fry is from the daily raw but i hate coconut so i use mung bean or seatangle noodles instead, and the mock tuna is great by james in the raw here on this site, also a fave nd less heavy is ani phyos tuna made of carrots. i find i like the recipes better here than in most of my cook books! sad but true and these are free!!! yahoo good luck and dont try to will come honest!

  • Two really good sources for recipes I know as some just turn out disgusting and they say it tastes great. (this website)!!!
    Ani Raw food kitchen cookbook.

    As a rule of thumb, it should be on a site where people have tried it and then they post reviews of how good or bad it was.

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    ani phyo’s raw food kitchen is a fantastic book for delicious gourmet raw food recipes, the majority of which are quick to prepare and dehydrator free. i would give it a try.

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