Colon Cleanse

Has anybody done a colon cleanse? I am doing one now. I purchased a kit and I am on day 7 of 8. I have been fasting for 4 days drinking the cleansing concoction and water. I feel pretty good. The first 2 days of fasting were not great, but my colon feels nice and empty and happy.

I have been mostly vegan for about 10 years and 50-80% raw vegan for 4 years. I was feeling like my colon was stuffed, so I did the cleanse. Some stuff came out, but not as much as I thought, or as much as I have seen. I used to have the Dr. Bernard Jensen book (…) but did not want to get the equipment.

Anyway, I was just checking to see if others have had experiences with one kind of cleanse or another.


  • Hey RedHouse! I’m ending a fast/cleanse now. Its called The Master Cleanse. It involves very simple ingredients: Cayenne Pepper, Water, fresh lemon, & Maple Syrup (i use raw agave).
    I do it a few times in a 12-month period…VERY effective!

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi Redhouse,I’m doing a colon cleanse now too.I’m having ABC powder (aerobic bulk cleanse),for 2 weeks now and many and many enemas with 10 drops of clove,black walnut tincture,and wormwood for parasites.Sometimes msm,spirulina and wheatgrass.
    I’m not fasting,and I’m eating a lot of pumpkin seeds for parasites .Until now I had many bowel moviments,but my goal is to get rid of the mucoid plaque in my colon.

  • MellieVeggie
    I had some non-raw friends do that cleanse with success. Maybe I’ll try that next.

    Wow, how did you learn about all of those things? What do you use for the enema?

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi Redhouse,sorry I didn’t see your question before. I learned a lot about colon cleansing with Norman Walker’s book about colon.Matt Monach’s book too has a lot to say about colon cleanse,and Anne Wigmore tells to apply wheatgrass for 20 mins on your colon,that is wonderful feeling and great for your heath.
    these is a wonderful video from Kate Woods about enemas.

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