Recipe requires juicer with blank plate - substitute?

I ended up in Sedona right after the big festival last year and saw a cookbook I had to have, by Bruce Horowitz. Suffice to say that I thought I was familiar with the majority of ingredients and techniques!

He has a recipe for sprouted rye bagels that I really want to make, but in the process it says to put the mixture through a juicer with the blank plate in. What does this do to the ingredients, and can I substitute some other process?


  • This is a masticating function. Processing it very well with a good food processor will produce similar results.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    Basically, it grinds and homogenizes the ingredients (sometimes it is referred to as a homogenizing plate). For most purposes, a food processor should work fine (I think!), just try to work slowly and pulse ingredients rather than just running it straight.

  • cannibalwarrior and jenny are correct. The ‘blank’ referred to is simply a blank piece of plastic instead of a screen, so the food is ground up very fine and ejected as juicy pulp instead of juice out of the spout and dry pulp elsewhere. Processing very well in a food processor will approximate this.

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