Hello all!

Hi, my name is Jessie! I am 20 years old, a mommy to a 20-month-old boy named Spencer, a wifey to his father Brandon, a full time student, and a Breastfeeding Peer Helper for the Ohio WIC Program. My journey to being healthy began when I was 3 months pregnant and moved to Ohio from Michigan to be with my son’s father. His family really opened my mind up to the healing powers of healthy food and ever since its been a real passion in my life. I have teetered between vegan/vegetarian and not so much for quite some time now, but I feel that now I’m really ready to make a committment. I have been eating about 70% raw for the past week and have already lost 5 pounds. We are not so blessed financially right now because of the fact that I am in school and only work about 8 hours a week, so I hope to learn more about eating raw on a budget. My son is vegan and absolutely loves all the raw foods that he’s had. I made my first batch of cashew cream and berry avocado mousse last night and he’s been mowing on it like no other. He gets a lot of raw foods at grandma’s house as well, although we are both learning, she is quite ahead of me. Its nice to meet you all, any suggestions you all have about raising a raw child/eating raw on a strict budget I would love to hear.



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