hello & questions

hi everyone, i just really got into the raw foods idea, I’m really excited, i did a couple fairly raw days this week and felt so great those days. I have a question though, i am a nursing mom and everyone talks about needing to get enough protien and calories, can anyone tell me if thats going to be a difficult thing with this diet? Also I am trying to maintain my weight as i loose it fairly easily, i’m eating heeps of greens though as i’ve read they help maintian weight.


  • you may want to consider taking a multivitamin just to ensure that you are getting all you need (especially folate and iron). for protein—i use nutiva’s raw hemp protein in my green drink every morning to make sure i get enough protein because i’m an athlete. nuts, dried fruits, avocados= delicious way to get lots of calories. and of course, greens are great.

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