Global Juice Feast !!

I’m just wondering if anyone is planning on joining the global juice feast starting March 1st? I’m really interested but I am starting to have an emotional detox just thinking about it. I’m working on letting go of the negative and doubt thought patterns that are creeping in my mind. I’m wondering why I’m so “afraid” to be the best I can be. Anyway, this is an interesting process for me and if anyone else is thinking of doing the feast I would love the support and friendship.


  • I just finished doing the 14 day cleanse in “LifeFood Recipe Book” and I know what you mean by emotional detox. I didn’t really have any physical cleansing symptoms, but for the first three days or so all my anxieties surfaced and I was freaking out over the most trivial and improbable things. After I did the gallbladder/liver cleanse (on day 4) I then felt very peaceful about things. Plus I lost 10 pounds during the cleanse!

    So don’t let emotional detox deter you, and maybe write down a list of reasons why you’re afraid to be the best that you can be, then you can more clearly put things into perspective. Just remember that problems in life can occur whether or not you’re doing your best at it.

    I might join in for the juice feast. How long is it running for?

  • Thank you for the great advice. The Offical juice feast is for 92 days although alot of people will be doing 14,30 or 60 day feasts instead.

  • When I first heard about this I really wanted to join. But I didn’t realize it cost money to join. I have the book Juicing for Life and I was a big juicer for about 6 months but the last 4 I’ve only juiced maybe once a week. So, I’m very excited to join….

    Is everyone else going to join in the membership? It’s something like $140/year and $92/100 days. Do you think it’s worth it to actually pay? Or just juice on your own?

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