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Body and Hair

Since I’m being more gentle to the inside of my body (raw foods), I’d like to work on the outside too!

I was wondering what everyone uses as far as body and hair products go. I’d like to switch to using no shampoo and maybe an herbal hair rinse.

I’m also looking for something that replaces soap. I’m currently using soaps from a Health Food Store, but they have no labels so who knows what’s in it! I’ve heard that a simple lemon water shower can do that trick…

I’m looking for something that’s preferably PH balanced.

What do you use?


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I use Kiss My Face olive oil based soaps and Burt’s Bees products for shampoos and lotions. (I am not vegan)

  • I own Greenridge Herbals, and I make everything from scratch. It’s all natural, and all vegan. I also have some completely “raw” products for the skin.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I have currently stopped washing my face and my hair with anything other then water. So far so good…my hair has gotten light, bouyant and super-curly.

  • SbutterAMflySbutterAMfly Raw Newbie

    I have also only been washing my face with water. My hair gets washed with water except for an apple cider vinegar rinse I use once a week to help neutralize the oils.

    I’m still using soap on my body. Like you Valeria, I’m not sure what’s in it, as it’s home made from someone other than myself. I think I’m just planning on using it up, then finding an alternative, or just trying water for a bit.

  • I have been using Jason’s organic skin moisturizer and sometimes Jason’s shampoo (tho only about 1-2x per week). Recently, a colleague gave me samples from Argonne skin care. Has anyone tried these products before? Results?

  • the only thing i use is dr. bronners castile soap with hemp and peppermint…mmmm

  • I use Jason’s shampoo and conditioner right now, Burt’s Bees face wash and balm, and Trader Joe’s toothpaste, all natural products. I really like what I’m using as it’s gentle and effective. In the past, I’ve just washed my face with water, but I really like the clean, pepperminty feel I get after I wash my face with a natural cleanser. :0)


  • I’d LOVE to use only water, but I wear make-up so it’s hard! I don’t like using eye-makeup remover because I feel I have to rub my eyes hard to get it off. Anyone know of a natural alternative (besides not wearing make-up) for this?

    I’ve used some of Jason’s products (masks) in the past and have been pleased with the results.

  • jojoba oil works wonders for eye makeup remover!<closest> For a super skin moisturizer and beautiful glow I rub a little cacao butter on my face at night~ love it

  • Oooo, thanks Earthintruder, I’ll have to try that!

  • ALSO<< DID YOU KNOW BURTS BEES WAS BOUGHT OUT BY CLOROX? SCAREY STUFF… supposedly one of the most natural skin care companies out there….

  • Yikes, that is scary!!!

    Generally I don’t like supporting any “big names” haha. Unless I know for a fact that their products work wonders for me.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I practice dry body-brushing, then soak in a salt bath. Often, I add a couple of big spoons of baking soda to the bath. I rinse off afterwards. I don’t use shampoo anymore, either. Just water a few times a week, with a rinse of apple cider vinegar once a week.

  • I really like Mychelle brand of skincare products. They are all natural, paraben & preservative free + smell fantastic!!! Olive oil can also be used as a moisturizer both for face and body, love coconut oil too. for a soap, you could use a veg. glycerin bar or castille soap like bronner’s, just dilute first!

  • LUSH! I love LUSH products! They are so good that you can eat them, really.They have a great variety of products that are all natural. I have been a customer of them for about 10 yrs. They’re a UK based company that is now all over the world. Check them out: www.lush.com (they have a site for almost every country).

  • I like some of Kiss my Face’s stuff too. It smells so pretty! :0)


  • What is this lovely apple cider vinegar rinse a few of you have mentioned? Would you mind sharing the recipe? Thank you!

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    I was my face with olive oil. I just rub it all over my face really well and then take a hot, steaming wash cloth and remove the oil. It’s a gentle, wonderful way of cleaning your face and taking off makeup.

  • Go with the most natural products you can find. Lauryl Sulphates are evil. I sometimes use olive oil as a moisturiser (but rarely, once I overdid it and the result was oozing pores and pimples for a few days!) I also use weleda shampoo. I used to use Jason but they aren’t really that natural, and lush claim to be, but are pretty free and easy with their chemicals when they need to (I would say if the product needs a narsty chemical then it ain’t a necessary product) and they are abit preachy, like pret a manger and the like. Everyone go to the ecologist online, they do all the ‘behind the label’ articles which explain what each chemical in the major brands is and does. And they basically shout at narsty corporations which is why I like em. www.theecologist.co.uk

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    I love Jason hair products, the Natural Biotin line works wonders for my wavy/curly hair. I use Hylunia face cleanser which is AMAZING, and coconut oil as a moisturizer on my face. Stay away from:
    lauryl/laureth sulfates
    anything you can’t pronounce!

  • ouh ouh ouh….ok so i am a gurlie gurl! and just can’t give up all my creams, saops, smelly stuff, etc…...love this new line I found. chk it



  • I really like Skin Free products. Some of them have extras in them, but they have an after shower spray that I use on my face that is only oils (olive, almond, vitamin E). I don’t know if they’re raw or not, though.

  • there is something in indian culture called “champi”, oil massage for the hair. I massage raw sesame oil into my hair daily before shampooing. for shampoo, i use something that has 80% aloe, and rosemary and lemon in it. can’t remember the name, but its really good. no need for conditioner. once a week i use coconut with vanilla in it, smells good and works as a really good deep conditioning treatment. my was hair was falling out BIG time when i was using the generic stuff. now it’s really soft, and my scalp is much healthier, even in minus 30 degree weather, it doesn’t itch. just make sure it’s a neutral smelling oil and raw is best. i use the same oils on my face. after about ten mins, it absorbs and i can wear makeup if i want to. the only thing to remember is that any beauty product will not work the best it can unless the body is balanced, alkaline, and most importantly CLEAN.

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    I use Faith in Nature Shampoos and conditioners- there are no nasties in them- essential oils and plant extracts- they are great. I wash with Oliva olive oil soap. I use Dr Organic deodrant. Lush Babyface to remove eye make up. Moisturisers- sweet almond oil and coconut oil. Super hair conditioner- coconut oil.

    There is a company called Beauty Naturals which do a lot of natural cosmetics and toiletries:


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I use only water for body, face, and hair. I brush with a synthetic bristle brush after my shower to redistribute the oils and it makes my hair really soft and shiny. I've never liked the look of my hair more...and I barely do anything to it! :D



  • I just started using dr bronners, but because it was a bit drying for me I mixed it with about 35-40% or so coconut oil. I love it. I can use it in my hair, as body wash, and it removes make-up! It is head to toe soap. I have super sensitive skin, so if this works for me it is probably good for almost anyone. You could just add more or less oil depending on your skin type.

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