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Killer Gas- Detox???

Ok… this is slightly embarassing, but I need to know WHYYYY I am polluting the air around me with these killer, oh so toxic, farts. Heeelp me please! It gets really bad in the evenings and Im burning insense around me. Is this detox? Does it stop? Or is it (as my husband sugguests) that I eat so many greens, that I am starting to excrete cow smell. Ok. I said it.


  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Hi Marysia, The gassiness you are experiencing may have to do with the combination of foods you are eating.I read in another post you wrote about tiredness, and perhaps the poor digestion is contributing to this. You stated that you are combining fruits with avocados. Altho’ that does taste great -fruits should ideally be eaten alone from all other foods. Personally when I mix ‘em I get gassy really fast. Look up food combining charts on the web for a quick run down. There are threads on this site too and MANY books which address the topic. Good Luck!

  • Wow! Thank you so much! I had no idea that this could be it! THat makes sence, I have not been putting much thought into food combination. Thanks!!!!

  • great idea marichiesa…. Also, lack of enzymes and low HCL can also be a factor. My husband used to have a terrible problem but with better combining and enzymes he is much more pleasant to be around lol. I read somewhere that you need to start your meal with the hardest (or slowest) to digest. For instance nuts, then greens/veggies and then fruit if you are going to have it. In other words don’t snack on fruit while you’re making a meal. As far as enzymes go papaya (esp the seeds which grind and taste like pepper) and pineapple are good sources (or so I thought) until I read the Perricone Promise and learned that one pound of ginger is equal to 180 papaya. So you might try juicing or blending some raw ginger with water to drink at a meal. Or grate and eat it with the meal. Horseradish is another excellent option. Raw ACV and fermented veggies help as well.

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi Marysia,I’m having the same think,but I’m doing a colon cleanse with herbs.The living foods/raw foods are alkaline and the cooked foods are acidic and when they get/combine together ,gas is formed.Then,gas is a good thing to have because it means that your colon is working towards cleaning the residues of the cooked food left there.Don’t worry,it will pass,but for now it will continuing.

  • Marysia,I had a similar issue initially and incorrect food combining was the culprit. You should notice a difference as soon as you make the changes to your meals.
    Brenilou, I learned the opposite about the order in which you should eat your meals. The quickest to digest like fruit,you eat first so that it doesn’t sit in your gut fermenting behind the longer to digest things like proteins.I have since followed that way of eating and I have had good relief, and when I dont’ do that I get gassy. Ginger does help me when I’ve either eaten something in the wrong order or something doesnt agree with me and my stomach starts rumbling. I make a tea with fresh ginger root and lemon.

  • I have NOT been raw for a couple months. Though I am starting to miss it and would like to go back but I doubt thats going to happen for a while. I recently made a changed in my COOKED diet on new years, putting myself on a strict schedule and eating, rather healthy “cooked foods” to build good habits and discipline. After putting myself on a schedule my gas was like whew…. killer… whew… lol. then recent i took myself “off” schedule and started eating around here and there, and my gas stopped. so weird. aside from the food being cooked- any ideas anyone?

  • teadeteade Raw Newbie

    I noticed this as well with my first two weeks.
    However, I stopped the nuts with fruit combo and it still happened!
    I think with my situation, it was either detox but I can’t say.. when I went vegan I had gas too, so it might just be the body shock of a change in diet.
    I also think it has to do with overeating. If I stuff myself I usually am bloated and gassy, I can literally feel the food move from my tummy to my bowels, its sooo nasty.
    I don’t understand why I overeat.

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie


    You crack me up. I seem to be missing the stop eating switch too. But after much internal thought and debate I’ve come to the conclusion that I am one of those people with “super taster” taste buds. I just LOVE the taste of foods. So my lizard brain could care less when my stomach is distended from coast to coast. LOL!

    BTW- Brenilou I learned as yammygirl to eat light to heavy throughout the day and at meals. Just the opposite of what works for you. When I eat in this manner I avoid any digestive back up/fermentation.

    Well. Now I’m not hungry anymore!!!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    OMG!!! I have found my long lost relatives… Marichiesa and teade!!! LOL

  • This is such comfort! I thought I was the only smelly one! Im reading up on food combination, craving ginger like mad (a sign?) and I guess I am happy to know that my colon is doing what its gotta do. Just got an enema kit so hopefully that will help things move along, as you sugguest, Lucy. Thank you all!

  • If you are open to a supplement try Culterelle. It works like magic.

  • I had this problem through my first tries, now I watch how I blend my foods. The more complex ones, especially if there’s nuts in the mix give me not so pleasant digestion. But I think it also gets better as time goes and your body begins to adjust.

  • MSM makes me fog up the window.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Activated charcoal works great with so many intestinal/stomach disturbances, but of course it’s only a BAND-AID, and you need to address the initial cause.
    Cow dairy does it for me, but living in Italy, it’s impossible to avoid unless I stop going out. If you tell people NO DAIRY PLEASE, they look like you have a disease.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Lol, I love this thread! About a month and a half into my detox, the same thing happened to me, for no reason! The only thing I can think of for my case is that I started to add raw broccoli to my noon salads at that time, also. I think broccoli belongs to a class of vegetables that can cause stinkers. But I don’t know how to get over it:-D

  • I am so glad to be talking about this with other people! So, some of the responces have really helped and I havent been whiping out all living things the last 2 nights! I think a big part of it had to be bad food combining for me. Since I love to end dinner on a sweet note, I would either have dates or fruit for dessert. Bad idea I guess. But, I have not had to give up desserts! Rather, I made the amazing lemon cookies that someone had posted and they are a nut based and cocunut dessert, so they are heavy enough to end with. I’ve been having a salad with seeds or nuts and then my salad is still in the same food combination catagory as my cookies. Also, I followed the advice given, and have been ending each dinner with ginger/lemon/honey tea. yummy!

  • Oh yes, and I did an enema. It was sugguested that perhaps us smelly ones are detoxing so fast. To help it along, you can do a colonic or enema.

  • Digestive enzymes and probotics helped me tremendously. Specifically ones with alpha-galactosidase. I am still gassy because I do not watch my food combinations yet. But there is absolutely no smell.

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