Brendan Brazier

Simply Raw here in Ottawa hosts monthly raw potlucks. The next one is this upcoming Friday (March 30th), and Brendan Brazier will be speaking. I already have an engagement so I’m not able to attend (very sad about that…). It seems like a great event. You can check out their website: and you can also look at pictures from previous potlucks.


  • Wow, that would have been great to attend. I have a copy of Brendan’s book and it’s already dog-eared.

    None of his book signings are happening East of Quebec; one of the only downsides of living in the Maritimes is that we get completely ignored by celebrity tours, shows, etc. le sigh

  • Move to Ottawa!! haha! We don’t get all the shows that go to Montréal and Toronto, but we still have great venues.

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