3,000+ GoneRaw Members Milestone

BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

There are over 3,000+ goneraw members!!! Congratulations Ray and Kandace!!! What’s up? Not a peep out of you two!

Ok, if you won’t start the celebration, I will. :)

Pass the wheatgrass, smoothies, and cocoa nibs! A toast to a great site that makes a difference. Thank you for creating a supportive and educational environment. I know my world has been rocked more than a few times and expanded by what I have learned on this site. Y’all impact more lives than you might know as we all pay it forward.

Keep up the great work that makes a difference!

Three cheers to Kandace, Ray, and everyone that is part of this site… Raw! Raw! Raw!

Post what this site has meant to you… who has it impacted!


  • jmastersonjmasterson Raw Newbie

    This site has meant everything to me!!! I love raw life, I feel great about myself…and all thanks to this website and all of the fabulous people on here who give me much support. Thank You All!!!

  • This site has made a HUGE difference in my raw life. I visit daily in my quest to learn more about raw. I’ve gotten so many ideas and recipes and options. It’s my hands down favorite raw site!!!

  • Wow 3,000 members that’s great! This site is beautiful and easy to use

  • Congrats!!!! Love the site!

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