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Magnets for doing laundry

CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

Hi everyone! I’ve recently read that magnets can be used instead of detergent for washing clothes. Has anyone ever tried it? I would be wonderful not having to continue dumping cleaning substances into wash water.
I found this link on a Mercola forum:




  • Cool post Carmentina. I’ve never heard of it before, but I’m going to look into it to see if it’s safe. If it is, I would love to use it since it sounds wonderful!!! If I ever try them, I will let you know how well they work. :o)

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I’ve ordered some for my sister (I can’t mail order anything for myself cuz I live in Italy and the postal service can’t be trusted!!), so maybe I can post back with my sister’s comments as soon as she gets it.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    Carmentina, thank you so much for posting this! What a fabulous idea. Please do post back with the results! I was so interested in trying soap nuts, but this sounds even better.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Wow! My sister’s been using the magnets for a week now and she’s really impressed. They even got rid of stubborn stains that wouldn’t wash out before. Ok so each order comes with 2 magnets + enzymes for stain removal. I don’t know anything about the enzymes. The magnets “stick” to the washer walls during the cycle and they basically change the charge of the water, making the clothing “lose” the dirty molecules. Apart from the obvious bonus of no longer polluting water with detergents and filling landfills with containers you also no longer need the rinse cycle, so you also save time, water, electricity and money. Another plus is no more chemical residues in our clothing against our skin! I also seem to remember they last a lifetime. They cost about $50, which seems expensive, but I think if you did the math you’d see it would pay off within about a year depending on how often you wash. It’s also compatible with bleaching, if you want to bleach. I’ve ordered some more for me and my Mom.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting eagerly for the update, and I’m going to order some now.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I’d love to hear your comments too when you receive them. I won’t start using them till I get to the States next fall.

  • Hi there! This sounded very exciting so I sent the link to my family to see what they thought about it. My brother who is really smart (ala mythbusters smart…) wrote me the following reply:

    “Hoax! This is yet another attempt at extracting cash from people with false claims. Magnets DO NOT change the molecular structure of water. Simple as that. You may get some mechanical cleaning from the balls rubbing against the clothes, and it’s true that water is a good solvent, but there’s no way it will work as good as detergent. If you want to experience this laundry miracle, try throwing a few smooth rocks in with your laundry. Your clothes will no doubt get a bit cleaner, but I’d recommend some detergent to go with it.”

    Sorry to be the bringer of bummer news… but who knows, maybe he is wrong… but I guess I will be taking his word for it.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    But the magnets stay “stuck” (magnetized) to the walls, which are metal, so there’s no friction. And they don’t change the molecular structure of water (which would be scary), but the charge. I’m no expert, that’s why I had my sister and her family try it out! And with excellent results! Placebo effect? Could be, but she has a little boy who sure dirties things. Maybe I’ll have her try doing a load minus the magnets to see her thoughts. I’ll post back my her reaction to this experiment if she goes along with it.

  • carmentina: I’m really interested if you did have your sister try a load without the magnets? is she still currently using them?

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I thought this sounded interesting.I now do my laundry with Soap Nuts

    I found this link where the product was tested and the results were not good. As a matter of fact, their test showed the magnets cleaned the laundry as well as water alone.

    I also found another site selling the product that say it’s fabulous. I tend to ignore those if it isn’t the kind where any user can post their comments and it wasn’t. For all I know, the staff wrote the reviews.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I was just wondering last night if there is something that can be used instead of laundry detergent – even though I already use a good natural detergent. I have a question about the enzymes, though. How often do you have to buy more?

    Yeah, the friction wouldn’t be a factor since the magnets would stick to the metal sides of the washer. And if the stains came out, wouldn’t that mean this system worked better than just water alone (since it sounds like they were stains, which means they’ve already been washed in water or in water and detergent)? It sounds like the enzymes must be a part of the system, too, so that’s why I want to know more about how long/how many loads they are good for. Interesting, anyway.

  • I read about magnets for laundry a few days ago. I was intrigued. My daughter has a medical device.. she no longer need.. that has very powerful magnets. I used 2 of these. My washing water was filthy! These were "clean" dirty clothes. Also, there is less lint in the dryer. I'm hoping after a few washes, the water isn't that dirty. I believe that is detergent residue from the clothes. Not sure how these with, but they do. Hth
  • *work*
  • judymjudym Raw Newbie

    I've had the magnets for about a month now.  I have done white sheets without the enzymes and the washing water got dirtier and dirtier as it washed, I was amazed.  They came out beautifully white, I was amazed.  I did my friends T shirts and underwear and same thing dirty water and they came out clean but I could smell some sweat, not much but it was there.  I have to point out that he wears his clothes until they're really bad before washing, so this would explain the problem.  I think that by using the magnets full time the dirty water would be a lot less, I really think it's soap/detergent that is remaining in the clothes. Someone related to me that his daughter and friends used his hot tub in their bathing suits, the boys suits are a lot of fabric.  The hot tub became a bubble bath from the detergent left in the bathing suits and he had to empty clean and refill the tub, not good.  It does say if you want a nice scent to add a couple of drops of essential oils to the dryer, I put it on a paper towel and that was nice.

  • wendyc7992wendyc7992 Raw Newbie
    I read about magnets for laundry a few days ago. I was intrigued. My daughter has a medical device.. she no longer need.. that has very powerful magnets. I used 2 of these. My washing water was filthy! These were "clean" dirty clothes. Also, there is less lint in the dryer. I'm hoping after a few washes, the water isn't that dirty. I believe that is detergent residue from the clothes. Not sure how these with, but they do. Hth


  • wendyc7992wendyc7992 Raw Newbie

    Hi Jidaughters

    I have just used two magnets that I found lying around my house.one large, messaures 2 1/2 inches,just over 6 cos and weighs 340 grams ,then two smaller ones  to try and match the bigger one in strength. The washing appears clean and fresh.however the large magnet fell off the side wall of the machine,I stopped my machine and put it into a buttoned up pocket of a shirt. This had a bad effect as it has pitted the pocket.  I also had to separate the magnets at some stage as one of the smaller magnets had stuck to the big one,before I put it into the pocket! Does that happen with the commercial magnets you buy and is it OK to leave them stuck together? I did try to buy the magnets on line, but like so many things ,products, no one ships to Namibia!!

    Take care 


  • jameswjamesw Raw Newbie

    Magnets: I love them. I've studied for 30 years. the late Jessie Partridge got me started. so many aholes are naysayers. If you want more ask.  I saw magnet laundry balls a long time ago. I'm searching for some. I'm a big guy. tree trimming, a big limb hit my shinbone there was a knot as big as a yam. I limped in the house put a xtra strond magnet on it nagitive  side down got a big cold pack put that under magnet. it took pain pills lay down with the TV. 3 hours later help arrived (wife) she took everything off no sign of a bruise a little scraped skin, still hurt!  I didn't think it would work that good. Partridge started using them in the 30's He knew so much. The naysayers had a lot of bad thing to say about him.

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