Nori is full of fish bits?

Hi. I heard that when Nori is harvested that it drags up a load of seafood with it too and that it isn’t removed during processing. Just thought I would ask for the vegans.


  • Im not sure in the UK but i know in the states you can buy Nori from natural food stores that are vegan and raw. also they will tell you that on the label.

    now.. i wouldnt doubt that Sealife would be caught up in the mix with some Nori businesses. This goes to show the ill effects of man disturbing the environment when sealife gets caught up in the mix

    Try ordering some instead of your local supermarket.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Nori that is clean and has been sorted to exclude sealife does not taste like fish at all. If it tastes like fish, it’s because it contains fish. The only way to avoid it is to go by 1) reputation and 2) taste. My experience is to go by taste because even the so-called vegetarian brands often contain sealife in the nori. You can taste it.

  • How is Nori, vegetarian or vegan when it is grown in the ocean which has sea life waste? I don’t understand. It is a seaweed,,right?

  • I agree with Alix1962.. you never know.. often times when i label something ‘suspect’ it doesnt get eaten..

    I forgot the brand name at Whole Foods that is raw/vegan.. but i will let you know.

  • Hmmm… the question is – even if nori is “sorted to exclude sealife” – is it VEGAN (my definition/motivation of vegan is ethics, health is just a “nice side effect”)? I mean, ok, maybe they remove the fish stuff, but the fish died for producing it, right?
    Is there a “method” (or company offering such a product) of getting nori without catching the poor fishies?
    I didn’t really, seriously care too much about nori not being raw, but THIS would definitely put me off.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Unfortunately, stibizi, there is no way to avoid hurting animals for our vegan food. Especially with harvesting, animals are killed in enormous numbers, whether it is nori or grain.

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