What is your opinion on this?

In one of my classes (for school) today there was a huge heated debate on why we should by organic and whether its worth it. Along with that the second question was should we eliminate animal products from out diet? Well I have a strong opinion on both these and stated my points (that we SHOULD buy organic, if not grow produce ourselves, and that its wrong to consume anything from an animal).
Anyways I was just wondering what your opinion is on this and your reason why your vegan. (It’ll also make me feel like I’m not alone…. nearly everyone in my class consumed animal products!!!)
Any feedback would be great!


  • I would have loved to join you in that debate! I do believe eating organic is optimal, but I sometimes wonder whether or not we can trust companies that produce both organic and non-organic food. One interesting thing I have learned is that GMO vegetables contain genes from fish and animals to make them more resistent. This puts a new spin on vegetarian/veganism. If you consume a tomatoe with an animal gene, can you still consider yourself a vegetarian or vegan? Organic foods, by law, cannot contain any GMOs. However, they are very expensive. I usually pay those high prices in the fall and winter months and in the spring/summer I grow my own. My motivation for veganism is not so much for animal rights, rather for environmental reasons. I do not agree with the harsh treatment of animals for food production. Mass producing andimals for food, or fast food purposes really drains the environment. So much uneeded energy goes into the production of meat/animal products. I am also vegan because it is common sense. Why would I consume meat for some nutrient when I can go right to the source, eliminating the stored up toxins and fat from that aminal? Everyday I learn more about this lifestyle and I’m sure as time goes by certain motivations will become more important than others. For now I think I can make a contribution to earth by taking actions to prevent the further pollution of it.

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